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10 Funny Things About Life…


Ain’t life grand? Don’t shake your head no, it really IS grand!

Always keeping you on your toes, and revealing possibilities you never thought would happen.

If it isn’t funny, it sure is exciting! Check out these 10 funny things about life.

1. Just like we’ve heard the Kardashians say. “When You Make Plans God Laughs”

2.  It doesn’t matter how many times you get things right. What matters to people is THE ONE TIME YOU GET IT WRONG. Which most people will never forget! *stressed face emoji* 😀

3. Once you feel like you’ve mastered a situation, a new situation to master crops up! *crying face emoji*

4. Care too much about something = situation probably won’t happen

5. Don’t care at all? = situation happens plus you win the lottery

6. You work so hard for the career, the fancy cars, the glitz, and glamour, but in the end, it doesn’t matter at all?! What matters is how NICE YOU WERE TO OTHERS?! crying face emoji part 2 😀

7. Each new level of your life demands a new YOU!

8. Life falling apart? Don’t worry change has an uncanny way of rearranging your life to perfection!

9. Laughter is the best medicine. It can alleviate a lot of tension and bring relief like no other

10. Just like Taylor Swift reminds us in New Romantics, “Life is but a classroom” so listen up, ladies and take good notes!

Share with me 1 funny thing you realized about life!