18 Bad Habits and How-To Improve Them (Part 2)

To continue from where we left off from a few days ago. Read on to stay conscious of these bad habits and take steps to improve them!

6. Being Fearful

Fear is generally not a good reason to do anything. Being scared won’t pay your bills and fear won’t tuck you in at night. I mean you might let it, but it won’t tell you any good bedtime stories ;). A lot of the fear we experience is brought on by ourselves. We make situations larger than life in our minds and maximize it with fear. Just like a large scary clown balloon. The way to overcome fear is to (terrifying so) face the thing you’re scared of head-on.

7. Listening to everyone else but yourself (!)

I know that the crowd can seem PRETTY convincing. All those opinions and the confident tone in their voice. They must be right! What is surprising is how wrong those people are! Darn. Am I right? A lot of people use the “fake it until I make it” mentally. Meaning they do not care if they are dead wrong, they are going to present themselves like they are Merlin the wizard, who knows all. It’s pretty foolish if you ask me.

I’ve always been meticulous in my search for the RIGHT answer. I’ll talk to the best of the best. The experts. And then once I have all that information, i’ll make a decision. It’s hard to trust yourself at first, but it’s the best route to take. If you feel a bit shaky, reach out to someone you trust. Like gut punch trust. They can be your sounding board.

8. Thinking other people are more valuable than you (not true!)

You are just as valuable as the smartest guy or girl in the room. Everyone has their unique gift. Find yours! It’s there.

9. Obsess about your future

Allow me to play the tune of most girls in their 20s. “So, I met this guy at the grocery store today AND I THINK HE COULD BE THE ONE. MY ACTUAL SOULMATE.” —20 minutes later— “OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BE THE WIFE OF SOMEONE WHO WORKS AT A GROCERY  STORE? —10 minutes later — ” Let me log on to {insert cute clothing website here} to pick out what I’ll wear for my first date.” *they haven’t spoken yet*

Or, is that just a conversation I have with myself? haha. Point is, don’t obsess. Let’s try to live in the present more.

10. Skipping breakfast

You may be able to get away with this when you are 20. But, the older you get the harder it is to function. Plus since your blood sugar will be low you’ll be moody. That’s not paving the way for your best day. #alwayseatbreakfast

11. Being afraid to truly for who truly are

This one is pretty scary. You think if people only knew the real you, they wouldn’t like you. Or, you might not be good enough. That’s complete garbage. And it’s based on a fear of rejection. Being seen for who you really are, is a liberatingly beautiful feeling. I encourage you to practice being authentic. In the right circumstances of course!

be brave, have courage

12. Not reaching for your goals

Staying in a job, location or relationship because you are scared is one way to have regrets. Take baby steps toward your goals. You can achieve it!

13. Forgetting to love yourself

I want you to say something nice about yourself, right now! You know what? You are undoubtedly better then you think and have quite excellent skills and smarts, my dear!

14. Being overly nice

It’s hard for us nice people to wisen up. But, there’s a difference between being nice and being a complete doormat.

15. Not recognizing everyone has a story and are shaped by their unique life experiences

Have you ever watched the show, “This Is Us”? It’s a show about one family, but what makes it special is that it explores the life experiences of every character on the show. You watch their lives unfold, their hardships, their happy moments, and you understand why they are the way they are. Try to imagine someone’s life story the next time you find it hard to relate to them.

16. Pouring anxiety into your dreams

Your dreams don’t work if you fuel them with anxiety. Take a chill pill and be confident in yourself!

17.  Watching your energy

Make sure your not carrying around too much negative energy. If you feel off balance then meditate for 5-10 minutes. or, you can work out. Positive energy makes stuff happen!

18.  You choose … {insert one bad habit that you’d like to break free from}

How do you plan to reverse #18? Share with me in the comments. I’d like to hear from you.