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18 Bad Habits and How-To Reverse Them (Part 1)

bad habits and how to reverse them

1. Saying sorry for no reason

Does this sound familiar to you? Somebody bumps into you and then you say sorry? LOL. We think that “sorry” is just a nicety now similar to “excuse me.” You can reverse this if you are conscious of those times that you use it.

2. Needing approval

As humans, we want to be accepted into the herd. We want to feel good enough!

That’s not a problem for those of us who are naturally nice. The problem lies when we work at being liked. In doing this we are inauthentic and cannot truly form connections based on these interactions.

To get over this, approve of yourself. It may take time and some years to get to this point.

But, you will get there. YOU are the only one who needs to approve of your actions. Understand this, and people will naturally respect you. You will exude a more commanding energy. Your life will change by understanding this truth.

3. Thinking you aren’t good enough

We think those souls over there are “better” than us. Heck, why not? Have you seen that guy?! He went to MIT. No. It doesn’t matter where they went to school.

No one is perfect. And if you are confident in your wisdom, knowledge, and the unique gifts that YOU possess and nobody else does. You will see that you are equal in value to that intelligent, beautiful, creative person you admire. Love yourself!


4. Listening to self-defeating thoughts

Arg, right? Those thoughts. Wouldn’t life be easier if they would just vamoose?

Then, we would be free to dream and live out our imagination right in front of us.

Those thoughts are a recording of all the times you failed, someone told you that you weren’t enough, or things you overheard others saying. Somehow they stuck around. Don’t worry! Part of life’s wild ride is to undo these thoughts!

Try this:

Program your subconscious mind to think big, bright, expansive positive thoughts!

Write a gratitude letter of every wish you have. Want to travel to China, Italy, Japan and more? Write a statement saying, “I travel to China by the end of the year.” Want to be rich? How about, “My business makes 2 million dollars a year.” Hey, even if you think it’s crazy. It is better than sitting in your funk. Law of attraction, anyone?

5. Not sticking up for yourself

This is a really hard thing to do. Especially if you’re used to being passive, or letting things slide off your back.

Note, discretion is advised.

There are instances when you should choose your battles wisely.

But, there are times when people cross the line, treat you unfairly, or see how much they can manipulate you before you speak up for yourself.

Practice being assertive, pretend it is a game. See how many times you can respectfully stand up for yourself when warranted.

Often, the hardest part is the moment before you speak up for yourself.

After the words come out of your mouth, you will feel a sense of relief. And realize it was fear holding you back.

A few physical recommendations, speak from your solar plexus.

Tighten up your stomach and breathe your audience or people you are speaking to in. It’s an old public speaking tip. It will help you project your voice in a more commanding way.

Check out for the second installment tomorrow!

Share with me two of your bad habits. How can you replace them with positive habits? #createthelifeyouwant #livewithpassion #loveyourself