5 Tips to Combat Career-Block

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Career-block is when a manager, co-worker, or an advisor hold you back from achievement. In one job I held, I had the drive. I spent hours working on presentations, and I was in the office on weekends. One day I hoped to get recognized for it. You may relate to my situation. Over time I … Read more5 Tips to Combat Career-Block

How-To Be Resilient (Part 1 of 4): Have Faith

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Hello Empowered Ladies, Have you heard the quote?, “If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.” Have you recently taken a leap in your life? Big risks bring a huge amount of uncertainty. As an entrepreneur, it constantly feels like I’m hanging by a thread. Literally. Every day, my day could go really … Read moreHow-To Be Resilient (Part 1 of 4): Have Faith