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3 Pieces That Exude Sophistication

Fashion makes us feel beautiful and confident. The right pieces are essential for an elegant style. Let’s look at three sophisticated pieces that you can throw on in a pinch.


1. The White Button Down

Why you need it: It’s a classic. It’s simple. It’s smart. A white button down is part of the chic girls uniform. Best of all you’ll look great all day. Extend the life cycle of your shirt by dry cleaning it. Also tailoring your shirt provides the best fit for your body type.

Suggestions: Ralph Lauren has a white button down available here


2. The Classic Watch

Why you need it: It’s true accessories take your outfit from pretty to super star. A classic watch can brighten any outfit by making you look put together. There’s something about a woman wearing a watch that makes her look empowered and sexy!

Suggestions: You can invest in a timepiece like Cartier or admire the craftsmanship like I do! Also, check out these trendy pieces from Nordstrom.


3. Black and White 

Why you need it: Safe in a good way! Confident. Those are some words that describe a black and white outfit. Whether it’s black slacks with a white top or vice versa. This combo is a favorite in the fashion houses like Chanel. Did you know that black, beige and white was Coco Chanel’s favorite color palette?

Suggestions: Simply pairing a white button down underneath a black sweater makes your outfit trendy. Or you can pair a black peplum top with white slacks and pearl earrings for an elegant look.