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5 Life Lessons from 5 Beautiful Trees

life lessons, trees, strength, beauty

TREES. Yes, those beautiful and big objects. One of them may block your window as we speak. They give us oxygen. They provide us shelter. What can’t they do?!

They are the muse of philosophical thoughts. Such as this gem:

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” 🙂

These 5 trees are hand-selected by me, for they are not only beautiful on the outside. But, on the inside they are STRONG!

Heck yeah!

Now let’s dive into these trees!

Willow Tree

This tree has deep roots and a strong truck that can weather any storm. In the Spring, flowers bloom from its buds. And when it rains droplets fall from its stems that resemble teardrops.

What can this tree show us about life? Well many things! For one it shows us that life is cyclical. We all have storms that we have to trek through. Followed by happy stretches of time. ☺

Think of the willow when times get tough. Plant your roots firmly and ground yourself. Just as the willow doesn’t get frazzled in the wind. Neither will you! Not today. Not ever. ☺


Orchid Tree

The exotic orchid tree, also know as the Bauhinia x blakeana, is a symbol of Hong Kong. The beautiful flowers of the Bauhinia x blakeana have had many meanings past down through the centuries.

In the Victorian Era, it represented success.

What we can learn from this tree is to always be beautiful inside. To brighten other’s days, and put a little kick in their step. But don’t be a dorm mat! ☺

Plum Tree

Deemed a “Friend of Winter.” The dependable Plumtree blooms mid-Winter. The Plumtree isn’t frightened by the icy temperature.

The lesson here is hard times bring us a gift. Eventually, these times do pass. Then, we start a new chapter in our lives. A journey that we never saw ourselves on.

Our hair length and color may change. We shed old attitudes and behaviors. But, on this journey, we are more ourselves than ever before. When you’re at a chapter’s end. Find the strength to bloom. Just like the Plumtree. ☺


Bamboo tree originates in China. This tree represents luck. Even though it appears thin and breakable. With each storm that thrashes through its habitat, the bamboo tree remains still and calm. It moves with the storm. This flexibility is one of it’s strongest assets. When someone challenges you, summon the power of the bamboo tree. Be still. Sway with the challenge. But be undisturbed by it. ☺

Oak Tree

The hearty Oak Tree represents authority, safety, and dignity. With a very long life-span of up to 200 years. When we see one of our friends who had a tough today. We can be a shoulder to lean on and provide shelter. Think back to one of your tough days. I bet you talked to someone about it. And you felt better afterward. That’s being the Oak ☺

Which tree do you resonate with the most? Tell me about a time that you emulated one of these trees.