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7 Ways French Girls Celebrate Life! (Or, At Least How I Like to Think They Do)

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French women. We are just obsessed with knowing how they do everything! Do they know the secret to happiness? Can they tell us? Actually, they can’t. The key to a happy life has to do with how you live your life and treat other people.

We can learn some great tips on how to conduct ourselves. So that we can seem just a little bit more fabulous than we already are!

1.Stop Trying So Hard

Just like Kanye West said – the word try reminds him of the word fail. Here’s the interview to prove it!

French women know that perfection isn’t realistic. And sometimes just good – is preferred. From Leticia Casta to Marion Cotillard. French women embody casual confidence mixed with art. Whatever we approach in life.

Let’s not try. Let’s do. We are the creators of our own lives. And we aren’t held back by our past. French women let themselves be just that. And maybe that’s why we copy their style.

Problems with trying too hard: Resistance Alert!

Many self-help books I’ve read talk about the law of resistance.

Which means if you put too much emphasis on what you desire you actually block it. Or, because you place too much worry and fear onto your situation, then you block the flow of new ideas, income, etc. to you.

2. Soak

Speaking of relaxing here’s a way to loosen up! We get so bogged down in details and the life achievements and yadda yadda! Sometimes, it’s helpful for us to put on the breaks and zone out.

Famous French soapmaker Savon de Marselle can help us drift away so that we are no longer in our bathrooms but in the countryside of Provence.

If only for a second, let yourself be whisked away into the blurry haze of thoughts and feelings. Remember the true essence of life is to make memories and live fully.

Or, my personal favorite: Dr. Teals Lavender Epsom Salt – Soothe and Sleep. Which I really need to buy more of soon! Very good stuff here ladies.

Scents really do improve our mood and wash away our troubles.

3. Have a Piece of Chocolate Why Don’t Ya?

When you’re feeling down a bite of dark chocolate can improve your mood.

I read in the book, Highly Intuitive people that sensitive people eat chocolate as a way to cope when they feel unbalanced. I always doubt chocolates mood-boosting effects but it proves me wrong and I always feel so much better.

Chocolate is French approved, too. Haven’t you seen the movie Chocolat?

 4. Stroll to the Local Gallery

What is the meaning of culture? Is life imitating art or the other way around?!

Last week I went to the local art gallery.

Seeing the colorful and meaningful portraits mixed up my mind a little bit. In a good way. Studies have shown that art has a self-reflection effect on us. It can alter behavior and the way we think too!

Not such a bad deal if you are feeling blue. Visit your local art gallery and see if new avenues open up to you that you couldn’t see before.

5. Care a Wee Bit Less

Care less about what people think. Be yourself. Listen to what the universe is telling you about yourself. If people upset you don’t dwell on it. Don’t let other people make you upset or make you feel bad about what you like.

6. Master.The.Scarf

 How many ways can you wear a scarf? I’ve never known! But to the French, there are about 50 million ways to wear the darn thing.

Check out this book if you want to jazz up your t-shirt with this fabric. Wearing more scarves is on my to-do list. I really like how sophisticated they are.

P.S: if you look through the book on Amazon’s “Look Ahead” feature, I really think “The Loop” and “The Square” style are cute. Scarves = Happiness. Yes? No?

7. Look Forward to an Event

On an episode of “Comedian’s in Cars Getting Coffee” Julia Lewis Dryfus shared the secret of happiness. Her mother told her to always have something to look forward to. The anticipation of that thing creates happy feelings and is part of what makes the experience worthwhile. So if your calendar is on E for empty, then fill it up!

I like to use the Eventbrite app to scan for fun things to do.


So there we have it. This list is [hopefully] French girl approved. Let’s celebrate life one day at a time!

How do you like to celebrate life? Share one tip with me below. Or, answer this. What is happiness to you?