Afraid to face that thing you need to look at? You’re not the only one.

Inner Strength rule #10: Face your fears. Then move past them.

Inner strength is like a muscle. The more you flex it and work on it, the stronger it gets.

But sometimes it can be so hard, right? Let’s take an example I know you can relate to.

Paperwork. Or, bank accounts. Or, letters from loan service providers. Or, or, or.. pick your poison! There are loads of “scary” things out there, right?

Blissful Ignorance

When we put off these things that scare us the anxiety just builds and life becomes black and white instead of brilliantly colorful. But, for some reason we’d rather procrastinate or to live in oblivion is sometimes the easier choice. Oh, blissful ignorance. How us humans adore you! 🙂

For example, I’ve put off looking at certain paperwork. It’s been on my mind all day…all night… But for some reason, the act of looking at the paperwork was too much to bear. So I was content with living in a state of anxiety.

Pretty much like this….


Instead of simply bossing up and looking at the truth in the face, I’d rather pretend it didn’t exist and tried to “forget it.” What paperwork lol?

However, the thought of what I was ignoring was hard to shake.  It was present in everything I did. The thought and fear never let me fully enjoy myself. If I was laughing, guess what was in the background, eager to steal the joy that I experienced.


The day came when I felt brave enough. I kept replaying a quote in my head from a book that I read. Totally paraphrasing here but it went like this…, “You will never conquer your fear by avoiding it. Fear must be faced, like a lion. Then it disappears”

So I sat down and ripped the fear off like a band-aid or a painful upper lip wax ;).

And you know what happened?

The truth wasn’t that bad. I could handle it. And the relief that I felt was like a weight off my chest. I felt like I could finally breathe again.

Until the next day when I had to face another thing, I’d been avoiding.

Again, the same pattern played-out. I avoided. I wished it away. Tried to pretend like I knew the outcome. When I knew nothing yet! I needed to LOOK at the TRUTH. Ugh, why was it so hard?


Until I finally got brave enough again. And…I looked at what I’d been avoiding. Again, relief. Burden lightened. It’s never as bad as the stories your mind conjures up.

How facing fear can help you take action

When you finally state that ugly fear square in the eyes. Poof! It’s gone. It’s the same story each time. Once you assess the damage you can make a plan to fix whatever you were scared of and in turn resolve it.

The feelings you’re left with after you face your fears can catapult you into action. You may look at the situation and say, “Sheesh I’ve got to get things together. Hey, let me reach out to so and so.” It’s funny. You get a surge of adrenaline. And in a way, it seems like you might’ve held yourself back by living in oblivion.

So yeah, a good energy drink is facing your fear. Forget the Red Bull!

So, what have you avoided lately? Why don’t you face it? Rip the truth off like a bad upper lip wax. And let me know how it went.