Thoughts on Aging: A Short Entry

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From the age of 17 to age 22, I smeared Vaseline on my face to the prevent signs of aging. I discovered this trick, either on an episode of America’s Next Top Model, or I read it in a magazine. During those five years, my makeup bags contained the latest anti-aging serums and miracle products. Are you familiar with La Mer?

If there was a crease on my forward, I’d obsess over it. Wrongly so.

During my college years, when a break in the semester approached, my friends and I resolved to “come back hotter.” To us, that meant, whiter teeth, blonder hair, and new clothes from Forever 21. I guess looks really mattered to us.

Those days ancient history now. Do I care about how blonde my hair is now? Well to answer that question, you should know I’ve worn the same black turtleneck 4 times a week for the last month and a half. So, yeah. The emphasis has changed on what I find important.

The point of this article is this: Earlier this week, while I blow-dried my hair, I noticed two or three fine lines under my eyes. While my eyes locked into the mirror, I lowered the dryer, turned it off actually, and leaned closer to examine them.

I thought for a second about getting an eye cream.

Then, it occurred to me, these lines may be from:

1. My skin drying out from concealer
2. Working too hard

I mean, I know that stress is supposed to age you. And I don’t mean those lines are a result of hard work. Or, that one should be scared of hard work. I think quite the opposite.

Here… let me continue…..

As I stood in the bathroom, briefly, I had a flashback of my life.

I worked to get my life to this point and the flashback reminded me of that.

I graduated college, started from the bottom, worked as a customer service representative at a bank. 6 months later I worked at another bank. After that, I moved to Seattle, slept on the floor in the corner of my new apartment, assembled my bed from scratch, went after a promotion at work, then being passed over for that promotion, and finally started my own business.

P.S.: that promotion wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. In retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t get it.

Back to the bathroom, where I snapped back into reality. I thought, “fine lines aren’t so bad after all.”

I’m actually proud of them.

Life is a string of experiences and memories, we each live our own. In life, there are times that we either laugh and times that we cry. The important thing to remember is that you lived through them. One day when we really are old, we will look back at our lives and remember how precious those times were.

What are your thoughts on aging?

Has your perspective changed as you’ve lived more of life?