How-To Be Resilient Part 3 of 4: Have Fun!

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the third element you need to be resilient.

Before that here’s a quick update on how I’m doing:  Things are slowly stabilizing in my writing business. There were times that I was very unclear in the direction it was going to go. And there were times I was scared. However, now I see that consistent and focused work each day brings me a little closer to where I want to be.

Along my freelance journey, I’ve learned getting from point A to point B doesn’t always have to be so serious. Even in situations where you have to buckle down and focus intensely on a task.  What I learned is that a little bit of change and yes, sometimes having actual FUN can be just as effective in bringing you closer to your goal than a lot of hard work.

I’ve had some help coming to this conclusion. So let’s journey down the path that brought me to this point, shall we?

1. It Has Something to Do With Your Energy.

Notice when you are serious and strictly business, your energy is very focused, a little heavy and concrete. But, when you are having fun or doing something that brings you joy, your energy is free-flowing, loose, alive and ripe for the universe to bring your desired outcome. Desire. Huh, that’s another player in this universal game. 😉

I did some research. Ok, actually I read it before. David R. Hawkins wrote in his book Letting Go that desire, or the act of wanting a thing, person, etc, actually blocks it from manifesting into your life. Weird huh? How are you supposed to get a thing if you cant even want it??

Well, you could let go of the feeling of desire altogether by using the letting go process. Which means, find a quiet place, feel through the feeling and then release the feeling.

Or, you could choose another option. You could choose an activity that makes you happy. For instance, you could buy flowers at a local farmers market. And set them on your desk all pretty!

Or, you could give in and go see the latest flick at the movie theater. Or,  it could be buying something gourmet… Anything that makes you truly happy. It doesn’t have to involve money, either.

How does this help?

When you are enjoying yourself, your focus is not 100% on your desired goal. And for a second, you allow the universe to work its magic. You can inch forward in your goals by just having some fun!

2. I Was Speaking to a Psychic Advisor

Ugh, please. And they told me something interesting. They said it is important to do something for myself each day and to take care of me in a way that no one else can.

The advisor said to do this every day, as it sets a pattern. It got me thinking, what kind of pattern do they mean?

But, then I thought maybe by giving myself something each day, or by putting myself first, this would signal the universe to put me first or signal that I am ready to receive because I care about myself.

I’ve been giving myself something every day and I have to say I’ve noticed a more positive change in the direction of my life and business. You should implement this into your life if you can!

3. Don’t Forget to Live Passionately!

If you want to be resilient, you most certainly have to give yourself a little break and lighten up your energy a bit! Adding a little joy to your life can give you the strength you need to climb to the next level in your life.

I was also told by the same advisor to live passionately. I reflected a little more on that.

Are there things you want to do in life? Do you want to travel? Love? Explore? Do you want to live the life that you see your role models live? Me too. We can only get that by following our unique paths in life. Life is meant to be lived! Now might be a good time to reignite your zeal for life.

4. Take a Course

While you are out there having fun and enjoying a moment of relief from whatever stressful situation you are in, you may be surprised to find that new pathways open up for you. Perhaps an idea sparks in your mind, but because you were working too hard or being too focused you weren’t able to breathe in your creativity or listen to your subconscious.

Now would be a good time to find an online course that can assist you in achieving your desired outcome. As you know, MOOC or massively open online courses are becoming pretty popular. There are tons of courses that can teach you how to create your own business, how to paint or how to cook!

5. Reach Out to Someone Who is in a Position You’d Like to Be In

When people told me this piece of advice it kind of went in one ear and out the other. (Insert picture of an ear). But, sometimes we are our own biggest enemeies! We shouldn’t be so stubborn should we, empowered lady? 🙂

If you are working in an office and want to improve your performance, talk to an account manager or someone who you perceive to have an ideal situation. If you are passionate about reaching your goal, then use communication as your launching pad.

For example, after plowing through all the obstacles in my way to reach my writing goals, sometimes I was left at a dead end. It wasn’t until I reached out to a woman who is in a position I would like to get to, that a new pathway and direction opened up for me.

I didn’t start to see a positive change in my business until I took action and received support and guidance from her. So if you are reaching a dead end in your endeavor, you might be a hair away from a new opening, a new beginning, a new level. You really never ever know, empowered lady!

Until next time 🙂