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Co-worker embarrasses you at the office. Why?

coworker office attack

What’s the problem today? You’ve clearly clicked on this content because you’re going through a similar issue.

Or, as we like to say here: an opportunity to strengthen your inner-strength muscle! 🙂

Did someone at work make a comment that took you by surprise? Yes, I understand now. That’s whats going on here!

Now, you’re left feeling vulnerable, wounded and a little off balance……

First off, let me tell you straight up. You will feel better soon! Let the imbalance wash over you.

And now, as usual, let’s lift the curtain on the finer details of this situation and how you can quickly recover.

The problem:

You’re at your job, learning about a new process, killing time, or shuffling papers you may be working as an individual or with a group.

All of a sudden: WHAM. An attack on your ego! Did you black out for a second?!

That girl or guy has just unleashed a reprimand or didn’t react to a comment you made the way you hoped!

In fact, you may have just annoyed them accidentally and they unleashed a lightning rod of humiliation onto you.

Now, your emotions are hanging out there for everyone to see. You can’t hide the natural feelings that are bubbling to the surface.

If you excel at concealing your emotions then you’ll put on a convincing front. But internally you’ll feel that bee-stung feeling like the rest of us.

Were there people around? Did you really need this today! Your intentions were innocent!

Don’t worry I’ve had my share of these incidents too and so have a lot of other people!

hidden details:

So, let’s share what’s really going on. Peeling back the layers of the situation. We know that everything is not as it seems on the surface.

The first thing to do is to stop the bleeding for you. The emotional bleeding that is.

The guy/girl that made the comment did so because of their feeling. Depending on their situation they can feel a number of ways.

Like, their day did not unfold the way they hoped, they’re feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, they woke up late or it can even cross over to the fact that they like being rude.

They don’t like being challenged by you, people may notice how well you’re doing at work lately, taking charge of situations and really nailing your position.

how you can determine the situation:

The energy behind a comment can reveal the intentions of a person.

If the comment seemed to dig at you or referenced your work ability and stepping on any toes, then it might come from a place of not wanting to be challenged.

However, if the remark was one of not wanting to answer a specific question or a reprimand as I said earlier then your person probably isn’t feeling 100%.

side effects of an ego attack:

emotional instability (even for as little as 15 minutes), spiraling downwards, inabilitiy to concentrate on work, anger, sadness, confusion, need for alone time to regain your balance.


After reading the hidden details section you will see that most likely the person who made the comment was not feeling their best.

To be a happy complete person you need to make sure you’re blood sugar is up (which means eating at the appropriate times!) you need a lot of sleep, you need to have an organized home life, and a life that is well-balanced you also need to have a spiritual life! One of these things is out of whack for your person.

Which caused them to lay into you.

The spill-over from their bad day ran into your day and now you need to take a moment to recover. Take a short walk, and know that these words are true.

Step back and have compassion for the person because you understand their day isn’t off to a good start.

You recognize that any anger or unpleasant emotion is a reflection of their inner world. Lucky for you-you can now include surviving an ego attack in your inner-strength arsenal. No one can bring you down!


Here’s a little humor to brighten you day and set you back on your path to greener pastures. Keep moving forward and definitely don’t look back!




Ah, now that feels better right?

Share with me one time you got zinged by a co-worker. What did you need to heal? Laughter is the really the best medicine!