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Weekly Round-up: Creative and Spiritual Inspiration

creative thinking techniques, creative book, what does it mean to be creative, stages of creative thinking

Good advice I received: don’t be scared of a situation. Because then you will attract it.

From the beautiful works of Vincent van Gogh’s realistic landscape depictions. To the poetic words of Shakespeare. We all have the capacity to express beauty to the world.

Creativity and spirituality are concepts that can intertwine.

Here is how to blend them.

What is the origin of creativity?

Do you ever wonder what does it mean to be creative? Well, to be inspired and to create …….beautifies our lives as human beings. To utilize everything at hand, the earthy material that our planet gives us and our unlimited potential that our mind gives us. We can construct amazing concepts and ideas. To follow the flicker of energy that can better our world, and beautify our environment and home. To be creative is simply a wonderful gift.

Each of us can stream this potential. Even Socrates, way back in the (when did Socrates live, anybody?), said that inspired thoughts originate with “the gods”.

And ideas spring forth, not when a person is rational. But rather when someone is beside themselves.

Ok, so I guess a drink really would help get the creative juices flowing? Haha just kidding. I’m not much of a drinker!

So, now that we understood the definition of creativity let’s examine the creative process kiddos!

Whoever wants to learn the stages of creative thinking……please line up right here! ☺

This Inc. article details how creativity unravels in 4 stages.

Ok, here’s the breakdown:

 Consume different and engaging material. Your mind is constantly working. Your senses drink up new stimuli.

I guess that’s why travel is so contagious ☺. Haha.

Your brain uses attention, reasoning, and understanding to gather information. Then………….

On to the “Incubation” period.

In this stage, we let go of the problem. Forget about it….. {which TV character said that?}

Are you in a creative rut? Fun is the solution to that. Cut ties with the problem for a bit. Go for a walk, watch a movie, laugh a little with friends ☺ ☺ !

As we continue on the conveyor belt of “Eureka”…..

We find ourselves at the last stage. It may be the hardest one to complete.

But, once you’re enlightened with an idea, you need to craft your message. Tell your story.

In the same Inc. article, Scott Barry Kaufon, who is the Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute says crafting your message is important. “Some of the greatest creative ideas of all time can be easily lost because they’re not packaged in the right way or consumable.”

Also pro tip: To uncross any wires in your creative mind. Find someone to talk through the problem together. This could be a friend, parent, or supportive guide.

Here are 4 ideas that can rev up your gifted mind. Thank me later!

1. The Big Magic

I love when books come to me.

I’ve recently ordered The Big Magic. It shall be in my hand tomorrow! Penned by Elizabeth Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love. She helps creative people express their natural gifts.

The chapters are titled in a way that makes you want to keep reading. The chapters are: Courage, Enchantment, Permission, Persistence, Trust, and Divinity.

This book can help you if you want to find more purpose in your life. Maybe it feels like your soul is slowing being crushed. Or, you are headed down a path that doesn’t align with the life you dreamed of.

“How can I read this? I’m not an artist” – You

It doesn’t matter!

This book is for every human being. Inside of everyone is the potential to create something. Even if it is just a hobby. Like making a birdhouse.

I’m most excited to read about how Gilbert helps us uncover our own unique jewels. These jewels are buried deep inside us. It is our mission to unearth them. And share with the world.

You never know what is inside that head of yours. Could be some very magical stuff. I’m just saying.

2. What Does Spirituality Mean to You?

Hm? Hm? What?

Well next up on the round-up is what does spirituality mean to you.

I believe being spiritual also ties into the creative process, as I’ve mentioned.

Do you wonder what it means to be spiritual?

Well, let me explain:

I read this informative newsletter. It said that the meaning of spirituality is “the search for meaning in your life.”

Do you have a spiritual routine?

In life, we want to create a sense of meaningfulness.

A spiritual practice helps us cultivate a deeper feeling and appreciation for life.

We realize that life isn’t all about insignificant details. It’s more about enjoying ourselves and appreciating our loved ones.

A spiritual practice can consist of writing a daily gratitude letter. Which can subtly shape the direction of your life.

While creativity is the act of bringing something new into our lives. It is connected to spirituality.

Here’s how:

If you have a spiritual practice and connect deeply within yourself.

You can let your creativity flow easier. And thus create more beautiful things and be in tune with the universe.

Howard Gardner speaks about multiple intelligences. He said that humans have up to 8 intelligences.

Often times we are so focused on measuring our intellect, and we compare them to other people’s test scores, job performances, etc. But, we overlook our emotional and intuitive intelligence. ☺

They count too.

Isn’t that a kick? Didn’t you feel something was missing all along?! ☺

If you are stimulated, take the following quiz which injects humor into the answer. “Who is your spiritual personality.”

laugh a little why don’t ya!

3. Marie Forleo

I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten into this dynamo until now. She’s great!

Marie in an inspirational entrepreneur, Jersey girl, and Sagittarius!

I’m a Sag, too!

After a string of corporate jobs that didn’t pan out for her.

She started waiting tables while growing her side hustle. (Hmmm, sounds a wee bit familiar)

She has online courses that you can sign-up for.

She also coined the phrase “everything is figureoutable.” Which I personally love.

That is a saying that you should keep in your pocket when things go slanted. Sigh ☺

4. Gandhi

Alas, we’ve made it to the end of the road here.

And you’re thinking Gandhi? Why did you end with him?

Gandhi’s story is inspirational. Especially if you ever encounter people that make you feel less than at work.

When people try to *ding ding ding,* take away your personal power. Remember Gandhi’s story.

Born on October 9 (Libra)

Gandhi set out to become a lawyer. And He succeeded.

A short time later, he moved to South Africa to fight for justice.

Once there, he couldn’t help but notice the throws of injustice he received for being from India.

Gandhi spoke up and did not tolerate discrimination. Yet he did so in a peaceful way, called non-cooperation.

A little man who did not weigh 90 lbs, brought down the British Empire. And all in a peaceful way.

If you protect your personal power energetically but are also assertive and wise. You will be unstoppable. It takes time to master it.


That is your weekly round-up of new and inspiration items!

How do you like to blend creativity and spirituality? Do you have creative projects in the works?