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Girl Empowerment Activity: 5 Reasons to Stop Judging People

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Hello lovely lady,

I love a girl empowerment activity that challenges us to treat other motivated women better.

In my last post, I mentioned clearing your mind of negative thoughts and why I started paying more attention to what I’m thinking.

If you’re an empowered lady that’s just joining us now, I’ll fill you in on the last post.

Thoughts have energy. By thinking negative thoughts about ourselves or other people, we put negative energy into the universe, and therefore it comes back to us. People of the same energy attract each other.

About two weeks ago a new chapter of my life began. I unsubscribed to automatic judgemental thoughts. The thoughts that we think no one can hear and they don’t always say the nicest things about others.

For instance, let’s say we see an Empowered Lady at work and we don’t like the shirt she’s wearing. We may think, “Why did she choose that shirt? So not her color.” Or maybe we don’t like the way her hair looks. We may think, “Her hair looked better yesterday.”

The thing is we are judging these individuals. Imagine if they heard our thoughts.

And the truth is, they’re probably thinking the same thing about us.

How meaningful is that kind of relationship?

When we judge people, we limit ourselves from seeing who they truly are. A unique person with thoughts and feelings and gifts just like ourselves! This is not a girl empowerment activity we should engage in.

Every person has unique gifts and brings something so special to the team, the office, your life. Something only they can bring to the table. And so do you.

By allowing yourself to be truly you, you let your own light shine. It’s so beautiful, Empowered Lady.

A lot of the times we are unconscious of the act of thinking these thoughts. It’s like we are on auto-pilot.

We are consumed with life and the monotonous routines we’ve created. Getting up, washing our hair, worrying about how rude someone was to us at work. I’m talking about myself here, Empowered Lady.

But you know what? Once I saw how I limited myself and the kind of energy these “personal” thoughts put into the universe I stopped. And my life changed.

How you ask?

Well, I made a vision board, I started looking at people differently. I stopped judging them. And I saw their souls. That may be dramatic. But I saw their personality blooming right in front of me. “Hey, I didn’t know he had those talents?” I thought to myself. Or “I didn’t know she traveled to all these exotic countries.”

I was able to see who has leadership skills that before I overlooked. It is amazing.

You see my friends; life isn’t just about us, we are all in this together.

We are all struggling, and we have bad days, we all want to be successful, we all want to look beautiful, we all want to feel great.

The best reward is seeing the gifts others bring to the table. People are so interesting when you give them a chance to be themselves.

Girl Empowerment Activity: Here are the top 5 reasons to stop judging people.

1. Open Yourself up to New Experiences, Ideas, and People

Listening to another person’s story when you aren’t trying to look for their flaws is so freeing. And highly fascinating. You hear about their experiences. Maybe they just got back from Africa. Maybe they are very wise, but you didn’t take the time to notice. Maybe they are a great teacher, but you focused on their shortcomings.

When you are open to another’s experiences, you may realize you’ve unintentionally limited yourself. Which is normal when you’re wrapped up in life.

By becoming conscious of the ways you’ve limited yourself, you can remove them and venture out of your comfort zone a bit. Or reassess your goals.

2. Learn About Yourself

What did I learn about myself by watching others and not judging them?

Well, humbly I learned life isn’t all about me. I’m not the ultimate end all be all human. I’m not always right, and I don’t always see the big picture from all angles.

I learned that other people have interesting strengths that I don’t have. I learned to be more supportive of other Empowered Ladies.

I learned I don’t always have to talk in meetings or prove that I’m smart. I learned other people are smart too. They have something to contribute.

3. Help People Feel Accepted for Who They Are and in Turn, Help Yourself Become Accepted

Being accepted for yourself is a gorgeous experience and girl empowerment activity.

As someone who has felt very isolated for most of my twenties, I’ve recently felt the glimmer of being accepted. And even if it’s for a fleeting second I know how incredible it can feel.

I’m sure you have felt isolated before, Empowered Lady. Maybe you’ve felt like you didn’t belong or you weren’t worthy enough. By supporting life, life supports us in return. Thus when we let others be themselves, they let us be ourselves.

4. Learn Not to Compete With Others

In our competitive society, we want to be number 1. We are motivated, and we want to be the best.

Have you felt that way at work? I know I have. I used to compare myself to others at work, point out their shortcomings and think “I can do better than him or her.”

That, my friends, doesn’t lead to a happy life. It leads to a lot of grief and some self-hate.

By adopting a non-judgemental attitude, you use a new lense on your view of the world.

Others unique talents and gifts jump out at you. You see that there’s no reason to compete. Each’s talents are so diverse that all you have to do is simply be yourself and work together.

5. Have Meaningful Relationships

It’s true that you are who you surround yourself with. But there’s something about having a natural relationship with people at your job or in your life that you wouldn’t normally hang out with the outside of work.

It’s amazing to see how talented other people are and how they differ from you. It’s fun to ponder what they are meant to accomplish in life.

Everyone is on their path. Let your mind wander a bit. Are you on your path?


Ok, here’s your challenge. Observe other Empowered Women in your life and listen to them when they talk. Avoid judgment.

Pretty simple, eh?

When a judgemental thought pops up all you have to do is say “No thank you. That’s the old me, not the new me.”

There’s no need to feel guilty if you do feel judgemental. You aren’t your thoughts.