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What Your Horoscope Says About You!

sun sign, horoscope

I love reading about my sun sign’s traits. While I don’t read the daily horoscope, I’ve always liked to learn about the characteristics of each sun sign.

Whether it is Aquarius, Leo, Gemini!

If you’re also intrigued by horoscopes you already know that your sun sign is the tip of the iceberg. If you want to understand yourself a little better, you need to read your entire birth chart.

Additionally, your moon sign and ascendant sign are two important signs to know.

Aries Woman

Fiery, driven and the undeniable leader of the zodiac.

You take action, which is brave because sometimes people do a lot of thinking and take no action. You make good things happen in your life. Your energy is intense, and you are like a big kid sometimes.

You blast a new trail for everyone to follow. You are admired for all that you achieved. People look to you as inspiration and new beginnings.

Taurus Woman

Lovely Taurus woman. You have no trouble finding suitors. As you have a beautiful aura about you.

You can be stubborn and sometimes stuck in your ways. But, you are always a rock for others.

If other people have seemed to go off the deep end you stay on the path. Don’t underestimate the importance of steadiness. You love beautiful things and luxury.

You have a kind nature and are very earthy. Do you find yourself eating a lot of natural organic foods? You love comfort items and you are very loyal. A perfect mate to have!

Cancer Woman

Cancer you are a true friend. Your heart is always open and you have a lot of room in there for everyone you love!

You are empathetic to others and very intuned with yourself. You often put others needs before your own. You are truly a special person. And anyone who has you in their life is lucky.

Sometimes you can retreat to your shell and sometimes you are crabby! But everyone loves you so much. You are sensitive and a real treasure.

Gemini Woman

You are an ace communicator, Gemini! When you speak others listen.

We enjoy the way you string together words and we love to listen and follow your thought process.

You bring new ideas to the table and can outwit absolutely anyone. You have two personalities that is certain.

You are clever, intellectual and you have a sparkle to your voice.

Leo Woman

The Queen of the Zodiac. You have a confidence that could shake buildings.

You radiate a natural light and warmth. You know you love to be the center of attention!

And others are fascinated by the power of your aura!  You are strong as the lioness, dominate and vivacious.

Virgo Woman

Prim and proper Virgo! You are well-put together, you’re organized, and you are very very clean!

You have a gift for order and harmony. Others admire you for your realistic approach. If plans have become scattered you are a savior when you tidy everything up and wrap it in a beautiful bow.

You critique, but you have very sound reasoning. You like systems and pay attention to the details. Something not everyone does!

Libra Woman

Another beauty of the zodiac. You have a magnetic aura that draws others in. Mostly, we are taken by your beauty! But, you are so balanced. You are careful not to tip too far over to one side and you weigh situations carefully.

Your opinion can be trusted because we know you’ve weighed the pros and cons.

You are lovely and you do exceedingly well in social situations. You are graceful and have a perfect charm.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio lady you are a mystery!

Just like the phoenix rising from the ashes, you are the end and the beginning. You are powerful. You have intense emotions and you hide them under a cool demeanor. You have strong reserves of determination.

And you don’t let go of your relationships very easily. You will be remembered one way or another! You are very intuitive and complex. You are a loyal friend.

Sagittarius Woman

Funny Sagittarius. You are larger than life. You are philosophical and have a knack for saying very deep statements even if you yourself don’t recognize how smart you sound.

You are independent, you love new experiences and are always up for an adventure. You set your sights high and you achieve every goal you set. You have some impressive achievements on your resume.

You’re one cool chick.

Capricorn Woman

You are the executive of the Zodiac. You are a businesswoman through and through.

You are driven by acquisition and security. You may even put the need for achievement and success before a romantic relationship. You succeed in your goals and usually have the big house, the nice car, etc.

You are a leader. You have a tough exterior, but when others get to know you they see you are a great friend and person.

Aquarius Woman

You are a true original. Your thinking powerful and you are always light years ahead of the rest of us.

You are full of ideas that can help make the world a better place. You are inventive and a humanitarian. You are admired for your intelligence and brilliant ideas.

Pisces Woman

Pisces girl, (Pisces is always a hard word to spell! Don’t you think?) You are dreamy and sensual.

You have a knack for artistic expression. And your ideas are worth a million dollars, at least!

You are extremely creative and have a romantic streak to you. Your emotions are deep but you are very gentle and a caring person.

Do you relate to your sun sign? Share with me things that you do that are in line with your sign.