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House Cleaning: How To Clean Your Appliances

House Cleaning


Hi, Empowered Lady!

As a working woman, you are BUSY. Cleaning house and keeping your appliances their loveliest might not be your first priority.

From excelling at your job, preparing your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and making sure you have this life thing on track.

That’s why I’ve written up this house cleaning guide. So you know how often you should clean each of your appliances.

Did you know that clean machines run better? Without further adieu let’s dive into the list.


House Cleaning: The Appliances


House Cleaning Tip #1: Remove the food in your fridge before cleaning.

Research shows you should clean your fridge every three months or seasonally, as Martha Stewart likes to call it.

Wipe up spills quickly, so they don’t dry and become even harder to clean. This does require some discipline, but this house cleaning guide recommends forming the habit.

Since I know an empowered lady like yourself might prefer natural household cleaners while another might use what their parents recommend (like me) I’ve listed three methods.

Natural Household Cleaners, The Gabriella Method, and The Third Alternative.

Natural Household Cleaners: For this method, mix 2 cups hot water + 1 cup white vinegar + 10 drops of your favorite essential oil (grapefruit? lemon? What do you want your fridge to smell like :)? Pour into a spray bottle or if you’re using a bucket, combine ingredients, dip a sponge into a bucket and wipe away. Clean the racks off with the same solution.

The Gabriella Method: Use a squirt or two of dish soap, a bucket, + hot water to clean those shelves until they shine like a diamond. Don’t forget to clean the side shelves.

And per Martha Stewart wash off any jam and salad dressing jars before putting them back into the fridge, so they don’t create a future mess.

The Third Alternative: Mix ¼ cup baking soda with 4 cups of water.



You should wash your microwave once a week. Your microwave gets a lot of use. Heating up coffee in the morning to reheating last night’s leftovers :). It’s one of the most dependable appliances we have.

House Cleaning Tip #2: When you set out to clean, do it thoroughly and do it one room at a time. Don’t pressure yourself to clean the whole apartment or house in 1 hour. Set out to clean one room and gradually increase the responsibility.

For the microwave remove the glass plate and plastic ring and wash those off with the solution of your choice. Then with a napkin or sponge clean the top, sides, and bottom of the microwave.

Natural Household Cleaners: This method is fascinating. A lemon is all that’s needed to clean your microwave. Here’s the link for extra reference.


You’ll need:

½ cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup

One lemon

Slice lemons into two halves and squeeze juice into the water. Then place both halves in the bowl.

Microwave the mixture for 3 minutes and then let it sit for another 5 minutes.

Lemons naturally clean and disinfect. The steam from the hot water we heated loosens old crud that’s been sitting in your microwave. Making it easy for you to wipe up!


The Gabriella Method: I used to wipe up the microwave with a paper towel and Lysol disinfectant spray. However, the use of this spray in such close contact with my food bothered me. I think I’ll opt for the lemon method now.

The Third Alternative: In a bucket, mix four tablespoons of baking soda with hot water. Then with a cleaning cloth, wash the interior of the microwave.



You should clean your oven every three months. This one is easy to clean using The Gabriella Method, but no one ever feels like doing it now do they? ;).

If your oven is a newer model, then you may have a self-cleaning option. But, if your oven is a little bit older, like mine…then check out these excellent methods.

House Cleaning Tip #3: When cleaning the oven make sure to remove the racks first.

Natural Household Cleaners: This method is from the Pioneer Woman. In a bowl (or bucket) mix baking soda + water until it becomes a paste. Next, with an abrasive pad wipe down the inside of the oven with the paste. After that pour vinegar oven the paste, allowing the ingredients to fizzle.

Then wipe off!

The Gabriella Method: My method is using a spray oven cleaner from Safeway. In my opinion, it is the fastest, easiest way.

Spray the oven cleaner in your oven and let sit for a minimum of 6 hours. When the 6 hours are up, wipe off the residue with a damp paper towel.

I’ve read positive reviews about Easy-Off Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner too.

The Third Alternative: This method may take a bit more time, but I included it in here because of its creativity and originality.

Here’s the link: but essentially you are making paintable oven cleaner.

The ingredients: Homemade liquid soap, baking soda, and an essential oil. Don’t forget the paintbrush 😉



I’m talking about your kitchen and bathroom sinks people! To keep those babies sparkling you should clean them once a week.

Weirdly this is one of my favorite “appliances” to clean because it’s on the easier side and the payoff is quick.

Here we go!

Natural Household Cleaners: This recipe is from Live Simply, and it’s quick to make, containing only two ingredients.

1/3 cup of salt (Kosher or Sea Salt)

One lemon cut in half

The owner of this recipe sprinkles the salt over the flesh of the lemon and scrubs the sink with it, squeezing the lemon as she scrubs.

That’s pretty ingenious!

The Gabriella Method: For the kitchen I use Comet. I sprinkle it over the sink, wait about 15 seconds or 1 minute and then wipe it up. My sink looks so clean I can practically see my reflection in it.

For the bathroom, I use Kaboom Foam-Tastic. This cleaner sprays blue but turns white when it’s time to wipe up. It leaves my sink looking pearly white and clean.

The Third Alternative: Simply use dishwashing liquid, hot water, + a sponge to clean those food stains and other grime away.

Toilet Bowl:

It’s a pretty hard-working appliance if you catch my drift ;). You should clean the toilet bowl once a week. If you let it go longer than that a hard water ring will form.

Natural Household Cleaners: Check out this all-natural cleaner from Live Simply. It involves baking soda, castile soap, hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.

The Gabriella Method: Chlorox toilet bowl cleaner and a brush. This method works like a charm.

The Third Alternative: The Spruce has a knockout list of the best toilet bowl cleaners on the market. Why not have a look here.


So empowered lady let’s get to it! I’m feeling ready to tackle my house cleaning. I’m going to make sure my appliances are so clean you could eat off them 🙂

Let me know how you are doing in the comments!