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Selena Gomez: How Her Story Can Help You

Selena Gomez is a woman who inspires me. Why? She’s been through tough times in her life and she’s open to sharing it. It just makes me love her more. Here are 5 of her best quotes that can help you in your life, Empowered Lady!

“You Want Someone To Add To Your Life Not Complete You.”

Selena recently said this in Instyle magazine’s September 2017 issue. When asked about her new boyfriend, The Weeknd.

But why is this important?

So many times people get into relationships for the wrong reason.

  • For comfort
  • For security
  • Because everyone else has a boyfriend

My mom told me that becoming a strong version of myself first will attract the right guy.

I used to think it was something she just said to me because I was her daughter, but now I see that it’s the truth.

As young women, there will be times you want to feel the security of knowing you’re good enough. Having a boyfriend may help. Or maybe you believe you can achieve more if there’s two of you taking on the big bad world instead of one.

Look, being in a relationship is perfectly OK. It’s great! But be honest with yourself by asking yourself if you’re in a relationship for the right reasons.

“My Livelihood Can’t Depend on ‘Am I liked?’”

We talk about validation here. In Instyle, Selena said she “Fought the good fight of not being enough.”

Life can be difficult. No one wants to be excluded or disliked for just being themselves.

But one thing we want to avoid is caving to peer pressure just to feel accepted.

I find that the older I get, the less I care about what others think. 

“If You’re Broken, You Don’t Have To Stay Broken”

Selena said this in her acceptance speech at the 2016 AMA awards. You can watch here.

Why is this important?

I remember my brush with feeling broken from age 22-24.

When people around those years start to feel sad and question their life, it’s called a quarter-life crisis.

What is a quarter life crisis?

A quarter life crisis is “a period of life ranging from the twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult.”

What sparked my crisis was the loss of my friends and graduating college.

This is something that probably happens to all people at certain points in their lives.

Obstacles give us certain treasures. As I’m sure Selena knows now, the strength you get from dealing with your world falling apart makes you a better person. And more empathetic to others going through the same thing.

“[My Mom] Worked Four Jobs And Completely Dedicated Her Life Into Making Mine Better

Being Real Is Empowering Not Shameful

Here I take a cue from Selena who spoke about her upbringing at the WE Day event in 2014.

She comes from humble beginnings much like myself. She isn’t afraid to show it, and it makes her more endearing and likable.

She is candid when she says her mom had her at 16 years old.

My dad is a chef, and my mom is a stay at home mom. We were always good at saving.

For a while, I wondered why my dad didn’t own his own company or make tons of money.

But I appreciate the life that my parents gave me, full of love and good food and horseback riding, trips to Cape Cod. I appreciate my parents so much.

I like how real Selena Gomez is, not trying to hide where she came. And on the flip side, I don’t judge her for it. Why would I?

“When I Was 11, I Had A Casting Director Tell Me I Wasn’t Strong Enough To Carry My Own Show”

That’s a heck of a thing to tell someone that they aren’t strong enough. Now Selena said this during the WE Day event in 2014. And she said it was a woman producer who told her this.

Similarly, I had a woman say the same thing to me about two years ago. She said I look strong, but I’m not.

It’s important not to take these things personally. See that when people do this, they are trying to manipulate you.

It can be difficult to hear these things. Try to use this kind of comment positively. As fuel to achieve even greater things in your life.


Do you Empowered Ladies have similar stories? I’d love to hear them.