How-To Be Resilient (Part 1 of 4): Have Faith

How-To Be Resilient (Part 1 of 4): Have Faith

Hello Empowered Ladies,

Have you heard the quote?, “If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.”

Have you recently taken a leap in your life? Big risks bring a huge amount of uncertainty. As an entrepreneur, it constantly feels like I’m hanging by a thread. Literally. Every day, my day could go really well or I could fall into the most negative, self-defeating mindset.  Obviously, with the second attitude, I can’t expect much progress to be made.

How many women feel this way?

I quickly realized I had to be resilient if I wanted to build a life as an entrepreneur. I’m not out of the woods yet. But, instead, I’m documenting the attitude you should adopt if you want to be resilient.

If you want to be resilient the first step is to have:


What is *faith?*

By definition, it’s, “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.”

You might decide faith is the right size for you when: Your life isn’t supported by a constant paycheck, and suddenly you realize you only have $13 dollars in your bank account like I did a week ago. And you realize there won’t be another check directly deposited into your account anymore. Crap. Or maybe you’ve gone to bed a little bit hungrier than you’d like. (Which I don’t recommend).  And you have to wake up the next day and build something that doesn’t even exist yet.

Folks, when this happens you’re going to feel a lot of emotions. For a fleeting second, you’re excited at the possibilities. Yet, you’re terrified, doubtful, anxious and self-critical. At least, I was.

Let me tell you after you run through this gamet of emotions, the only thing left is to believe in something higher than yourself, or the promise that life will get better..

For me, I started to realize I’m in control of how my life turns out. And if I want something I’ve got to make it happen.

When you’ve exhausted all your support options, and you’re really uncertain if you will fail or be successful. It all comes down to one thing: Faith.

You can be certain that life will have its own way of bringing you to your knees. Trust me. You will have your moment with faith. You’ll recognize it, too. Starting a business makes you feel like you’re literally floating in a black vortex. There is no structure.

Then, when you are so tense with fear and you’ve had your fill, you will see the light of hope. You’ll climb out of the pit of despair and say, “I’ve just got to make it happen.” Action and Faith are a winning combination.

Now, I have to tell you a secret…

I’ve been known to call a psychic or two in the past.  When I used to work in corporate, I’d rely on speaking with them to get me through my week! I didn’t call psychics because I wanted my fortune told. It was more about feeling heard, and I felt like was able to express myself freely, and that someone was really listening to me. Ok, and maybe I wanted to know what my near-future looked like 😉 Caught me!

When I began freelancing a month ago, I didn’t have the funds I once had. I wasn’t able to call up my favorite confidants each time I hit a bump in the road and ask how this was going to play out. That’s where my faith evolved. A month in, I now trust in my situation and my own ability to make things happen. While some events still catch me off guard and throw my game off. I know that if I want my business to be successful I’ve got to have…..

Faith (and take action!)

Hey, we are all a work in progress, aren’t we?