How-to Restore Your Inner Strength Tank When It’s Depleted

Some days you feel strong and confident. Nothing can get in your way.

But, then there are other days where you feel like you can’t do anything right. You feel weak, helpless and small. Am I right?

There’s also this spot between weak and strong. You might find yourself tightrope walking across this middle earth.  It is in this place that you need to build up your inner strength. Call in the reserves! You need a boost of support, a helping hand. Stat!

Use this tips to fill your inner strength tank.

1. Confide in your support group

If your soul is starting to bend and you think you might break. Try asking your mom, dad, true friend to be your business partner or partner through this challenge with you. Yes, things are easier if you have a boyfriend, but having a guy around just for the sake of stability is a big no-no.

 2. Strengthen any weakness

Ever heard the saying, “pain is weakness leaving the body.” It’s not just true for physical exercise. Sure, feeling the opposite of strong is uncomfortable.

Other people may sense that you aren’t feeling your best and kick you when your down. The important thing is to not beat yourself up.

Be compassionate toward yourself. Then, get real. Any area where you cower is an opportunity for you to strengthen this area.

Think of it like a bench press or sit-ups. Repeatedly facing that which makes you weak will eventually make you strong.

    3. Imagine your ideal self…..

I can’t speak for everyone. But as our 20s unravel, our worries and anxieties about who we should be wash away. We can’t keep the mask on forever and our real selves slowly become visible after years spent away hiding out.

If this is you, then you might like this next exercise. You are getting closer to your ideal self. That person you always pictured you’d be when you were younger.

Close your eyes and take a few moments to imagine yourself, beautiful, strong and radiant.

A bright smile shows across your face. You are happy. You are wearing that trendy outfit you like.

You might even… be wearing a belt! (belts always look so put together, don’t they?)

You have money, love, and everything your heart desires. Keep that picture close to your heart.

Especially when you feel weak. Because just like Rumi says, what you seek is seeking you!

  4. Are things going wrong? Or, are they secretly falling into place?

The universe is one smart cookie. And on days, weeks or even years when some things are disastrous, they are actually working to your benefit.

Remember this: I know it seems like things are going wrong, but they are actually going right.

Repeat to yourself during uncertain times.

    5. Whatever you’re working on…whatever career you’re fighting for is …sexy.

If you’re a gal whose working on a business, a goal or making her dreams a reality in her day job remember that it is SEXY. Yes, I said it.

To have your own thing going for you makes you extremely attractive to yourself and of course any love interests.

So, when your London Bridge (aka life) is falling down, someone harshly criticises your business, your decision your work remember… no one controls the outcome of your life BUT YOU.

You’re on the path to your dreams NOW. And, it is sexy!


So, how’s your inner strength tank feeling now? As always you can rely on Taupe Shoes to have your back if you need more support.

Share with me one part of you that you want to strengthen.