“I Feel Good” Product and Services Round-up

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Good advice I received:

Some people are going to think you’re a Rolex (if you choose to adopt a happy positive attitude),and some people are going to want to take that from you).
☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

Hi, Empowered Ladies!

At the end of each week, I will provide a list of products and items that nourish our well-being.

These products can be for the person who says:

“What’s the best vitamin for energy?,” or maybe a person searches for feel-good products, “I want to feel good about myself”

The main goal will be to brighten your day.

I want to bliss this place out!

We all know life can be difficult.

But, there’s no reason we can’t chuckle at the complexities, while we learn about new supplements and services along the way. ☺

You can find this weekly roundup as a shining light: The next time “Dianne” from the office starts to pester you. Oh brother, am I right?

Thanks, Dianne! We get that you are emotionally damaged. No need to have your junk spillover onto my energy! ☺

1. The Oatmeal

Few things are as good as a replenishing belly-laugh.

As you know laughter is medicine for the soul.

Not only that it provides us with a lot of health benefits. These include the release of endorphins.

Who doesn’t want to feel joy? If I had to guess you would like to feel a bit of joy.

It’s better to feel joy and light-hearted then negative and depressed :(.

Aside from what’s mentioned above, to laugh helps us forget about serious life is.

We can zoom out from the fine details of our situation, and see the humor in this crazy world


And it is humorous.
Bonus points if you cry a little. (Tears of joy that is)

Ok, now that we established the benefits of laughter. I’d like to introduce you to The Oatmeal.

It’s a one-man show here. And the author is Seattle-based Matthew Inman.

Anyway. His comics are animated and delightful! I’m someone who loves a good comic. In fact, I created my own comic strip growing up.

I used to take a pen and paper and scribble out a cartoon elephant.

Anyway, Matthew has a recognizable design for his comics.

They instantly loveable. And they add some hilarious elements to the stories he tells.

Why you want to check it out. Some serious time could be spent on click-throughs.

And I have to admit, some of these comics made me stifle my laughter and cover my mouth with my hand a little.

There are also touching comments that are like an arrow straight to the heart, like this one:

My Dog: The Paradox

Check it out: Dear Sriracha, Aka Rooster Sauce

Check it out: What we SHOULD have been taught on senior year of high school

Check it out: Shopping Cart

2. Celergen

Ever since I read that Miranda Kerr, (aka the person who recommends the best supplements for focus, concentration, and energy), takes Celergen. I’ve been very intrigued to say the least.

The price tag is almost $350 per bottle.

Be sure your wallet is prepped before you buy.

This supplement is founded on Marine Cell Therapy. Which is a method to rejuvenate our cells by triggering our bodies natural healing process.

The website states that many affluent people such as CEOs and celebrities would flock to Switzerland to receive a cell therapy treatment. Oh, la la!

Why you might want to try this: The benefits touted by this product are an increase in energy, a boost in mood, stamina, and recuperation, and “beauty enhancement”.

Wow, beauty enhancement?! Who doesn’t want that?

Nonetheless, this product is on my beauty list. I may have to research the cell therapy schtick a bit more before I buy.

3. The Game of Life and How it’s Played By Florence Scovel Shinn

This book is a gateway to another dimension of higher-thinking.

Its one of the best law of attraction books I’ve encountered. If you’ve ever wondered, “How to get spiritual power?” or “ “how to grow spiritually” or “what is the key to the law of attraction?”

Then I recommend you check it out.

I ignorantly thought I’ve read all the spiritual books that I needed.

However, I was wrong because this book has elevated my awareness.

It makes the universal laws easy to understand and put in place. I’ve started to see results from this book.
Throwback: this was published in 1925. What were we doing then? ☺

The main points of this book are: The universe runs on certain laws such as The Law of Prosperity, The Law of Non-resistance, The Law of Karma, and The Law of Forgiveness.

They are to be used to our benefit.

They say you’re given what you need at the right time, and when you are ready to listen.
So, I won’t shove this book down your throat. But I will give you a sampling of what to expect if you pick it up.

Here is an excerpt:

“Whatever man feels deeply or images clearly, is impressed upon the subconscious mind, and carried out in minutest detail.
For example: a woman I know, when a child, always “made believe” she was a widow.

She “dressed up” in black clothes and wore a long black veil, and people thought she was very clever and amusing.

She grew up and married a man with whom she was deeply in love.

In a short time he died and she wore black and a sweeping veil for many years.

The picture of herself as a widow was impressed upon the subconscious mind, and in due time worked itself out, regardless of the havoc created. “

Don’t let this passage scare you! It should inspire you to use your words to benefit you.

Try this Law of Attraction affirmation:

I live an amazing life. I have abundant resources at my disposal. How does that make you feel? Good? Let’s get into the flow, chica! Remember when Chica was a thing?

If you prefer e-books; Youtube has an audio version.

4. Noni Glow Skinfood Dietary Supplement

Is it your mission to find vitamins for energy and tiredness?
This green powder can help.

Noni Glow was created by Miranda Kerr and promotes well-being due to the antioxidant quadruplet of Chlorella, Rose Hip, Elderberry and lest we forget: Noni.

But how can mysterious noni help you? What is it?

Noni is found in Asia and Austraila. On the down-side, it is known for its cheese-like stench (oui!).

But, even though it’s smelly, it can benefit your body.

It can rejuvenate the cells and boost your immunity.

Why you might want to check this out:

Healthy hair, skin, and nails are the result of spilling one of these packets into your water. And who doesn’t want glowy skin?

And the great reviewers of Sephora have you covered with their reviews!

One reviewer stated she mixes one Noni Glow with almond milk. That sounds like a fine plan to me. It almost seduced me to buy it.

5. Agoodmovietowatch (dot) com

Do you stand in front of your laptop, frustrated over the infinite library of movies to watch?

I think 90% of the world does too.

AGoodmovietowatch.com is the solution to this problem. The site doesn’t divulge too much information about when it was founded on its About page.

But overall, a repository of movie’s are categorized by feelings they evoke. There’s plenty of options to choose from, “light-hearted” “romantic” or “comedy”

On a personal note, I discovered the movie “The Handmaiden” through this site. And it did not deprive my brain of thrills.

Basically: It’s a seductive South Korean thriller.

It literally brought me on a spellbinding journey back to 1930s Japan.

Not only are the movies categorized by emotion. There is a separate section for films on Netflix that you can stream.

They also label outstanding movies with a “BF” which is their rating for “Best Film.” This site will be a go-to for me from now on.


I hope you enjoyed this edition of the weekly roundup. This occurs each Friday, so check back this week to see what’s new.

What type of content or product makes you feel good?