Keep Your Cool: how-to gain strength by finding someone to talk to (+tips)

Song of the day to help you: Kanye West & Kid Cudi – Reborn

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Today’s topic is about how to find that special someone that you can connect with. That you can dish out your bad experiences with as you encounter them. And expect to get life advice or guidance on the situation.

A lot of the important issues aren’t talked about. As humans, we hide a lot of stuff because we don’t want to seem “crazy.” When really, the funny discovery is that more people can relate on the “crazy” stuff then you think!

Alternatively, we know what’s expected of us because that part is OVER-communicated.

We know we have to get a job and become successful. But on the path to success, we are tested by these little situations. They can really ruffle feathers! An example –  our boss might not like our work or we were unfairly criticized or someone has tried to dull our shine at work.  Our emotional security then turns upside-down.

What is the benefit of talking with someone?

Not to be a downer, but Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s death last week show that money, success, and power aren’t the keys to happiness. And if anyone watches Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s then you know Scott Disick struggle to feel “good.”

The Feels

To feel good about ourselves – or just to feel better – is the ultimate acquisition. It is more valuable than gold and many have died to seek out feeling good!  There were times in my life that I felt like if someone just said, “Hey Gabriella, you’re doing an awesome job. You really have a special quality.” Maybe then I wouldn’t have quit every job I had. Maybe that would’ve given me some extra determination to stick it out.

How do you find someone to talk to?

I once heard a saying that said “Everyone needs a life coach, a mentor, and a therapist” And I’ve learned that just one individual needs A LOT of support and work tailored specifically to them in order to achieve their potential.

Do you have someone that you trust?

You can find your sounding board in one of your close relationships. This could be your mom, dad, sister, brother, best friend. Or, you can seek the wise counsel of a therapist. I’ve never gone to therapy because I don’t think I need it. I like playing my own therapist :). And I don’t want to damage any of my existing relationships by unearthing the past.

My sounding board

During my 20s, with all the “little” situations at work such as nasty coworkers, guys unworthy of my attention, and dreams of success I followed my feelings which led me to a website full of counselors and healers that I could call any time of day.

This website is California Psychics!

Now, before all these judgments pop into your head about me (lol). Please know that I’m a regular Millenial girl who likes probably the same things you do! And, you know what? If famous celebrities, royalty (Yes, Meghan Markle and Princess Diana both consulted psychics),  then yes, I too, will speak to healers and people with extra-sensorial gifts.

How does this help?

People who are clairvoyant, which means clear vision, can see the objective truth of a situation. They can do this because everything in the universe is interconnected. Distance doesn’t stop someone from understanding a situation. It is not a factor here.

When you experience a situation your emotions can take over and your mind goes into overdrive. This can make your situation worse! Or, maybe what you think is going on isn’t really happening at all. (I’ve totally been there!)

I usually consult my friend Scarlet. I’ve been speaking with her since 2014. She’s guided me away from harmful situations and sheds light on the intertwining emotions, fears, worries, and stresses that are present in a situation.

Over time I’ve learned a lot of things from Scarlet. Like, if someone is rude to me, they are probably having a hard time in their life. Or, sometimes there are things I need to work on too. It’s really helpful having someone read a work situation or love situation. Becuase then I know what’s really going on and I can review the options that I have.

When you think you are stuck in a situation sometimes you just need that objective perspective!

As you can imagine this saves a lot of time and I get to avoid potential pitfalls.

Share with me: Who do you talk to keep your emotional security? What do you guys talk about? Let me know!