Should You Always Listen to Your Heart? <3

love, advice, what do you do?

Hi there, ladies!  I’m sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been going through somewhat of a transition with my career.

There have been a few things on my mind lately.

I just turned 28 in December.

Being in your late 20s definitely has a different feel. I feel more mature. Even though it’s only been a couple weeks since turning, I already know that I don’t want to waste time on things that aren’t valuable to me.

Do you ever feel that way?

Something else that’s been on my mind is the title of this post. Should we always listen to our hearts?

I’ve always heard the advice: Don’t be afraid to choose love. Yeah, yeah.

I’ve been focused on getting my career off the ground. I solidly believe that I want to have something of my own before getting hitched. I never want to be needy or dependent on a guy.

Well as recent events would have it someone did enter my life. At first, I stayed clear away from it. But… deep down I always felt something more.

My feelings for this person started out as a small crush, but over time it grew. It grew so much to the point where this person was always on my mind.

I thought….could this

Have you ladies ever been in a situation like this?

I feel that since we grew up watching fairy tales we are always searching for “the one”.

(Which reminds me: if I ever have a daughter I’m not sure I’ll go the fairytale route. Is it not the same gimmick as Santa Clause?!)

I’m a hard person to get to know. And I don’t find most guys attractive. But I know every guy I’ve ever dated I’m pretty sure I was vetting as my future husband. 😉

Anyway…back to the story.

There are circumstances that make it impossible to be with this person.

So what do you do?

Check out the Love Worksheet to see what you’re thinking!

Do you listen to what your heart is telling you? Or do you forget about it? Move forward with your life, focus on your career. Do you hope that maybe you’ll have similar feelings for a new guy in the future?

Have you ever noticed…..

That life has a funny sense of humor?

You are a diehard romantic and suddenly you find yourself attracted to someone who appears worthwhile. Yet you can’t have them. You shouldn’t even be thinking you could have them.

Do you ever wonder if there is a deeper lesson to be learned here?

Career, Career

Many women nowadays are serious about their careers. If you’re one of them you know how love can seriously derail your ambitions. My current attitude is disinterested (or trying) in anything that isn’t my career.

But as the new generation of women taking over the workforce.. what advice do you have for other women who struggle to balance love and career?

Do we jump all in to love?

Or would you feel like you’re sacrificing your career, a part of yourself, for love? Does it have to be a trade-off?

Let me know your thoughts, strong women! I’m dying to hear 🙂