How-to keep your personal power from thieves

How-to keep your personal power from thieves

Bam! Why are you here? Is it because you’re having trouble retaining your own personal power? People. What do they do? Sometimes they take, take, take…

You’re a person, too! You want the respect that it entitles. You don’t want to be controlled. You aren’t a puppet. But lots of people die to play the puppet master. Ashame.

How weird is it that in our world, we have to fight to stay ourselves?

Don’t let someone take YOUR power.

How to keep your personal power:

  • Don’t care about the power
  • Don’t care about the person who “has” the power you want. They thrive on getting your attention and making you want to be them.
  • Realize at any moment you can take that power back; it never left
  • Instead of trying to grab power from another, focus attention inward.
  • Continually shift mindset to regain power
  • Remove any resistance that you have toward that person

The situation:

You’re at work per usual. When someone starts to “take power” from you. Whether it is a command “telling” you to do something or being passive aggressive toward you. The purpose of their remarks is not for the well-being of the company. But, more so that they can feel important and hear themselves tell you what to do, boss someone around.

Your power never left you

You’re power literally never left you. It’s still inside of you.

In fact, the only thing that has changed is your perception. It appears that the other person has robbed you of your power through scolding you, scaring you, rattling your chain, controlling you, leaching on to others, favoritism but that’s not true.

At any time you can set your mind straight. You need to remember that you have unlimited power within you, accessible with you always. The people that try to take your power do so because they feel bad about themselves. They come from a place of frustration, anger, sadness. And while it’s important to empathize with it.

You can only do so much. At some point, you have to make sure you’re treated with respect. Give yourself the care that you need. Emotionally we all need things so that we feel fulfilled. This includes respect, care, comradery, treated like we bring value to our team.


Unfortunately, too many people want to feel important so badly. Either because they had traumatic experiences when they were younger where they were not given enough love and compassion by their caretakers. Or because they feel insecure and have work to do on themselves.

How do you not care?

If you are in a situation where you feel hurt, pain, continuously come home from work thinking about how someone crossed you, took your power then look at it as a challenge. Are you up for it?

If you aren’t up for the challenge of going into the office each day and facing the situation until it no longer bothers you then that is ok. Don’t worry! It took me years of running until I felt ready to face continuous mental games by the people that I work with.

Every day that you face this challenge, and decide to go inward it gets easier. Because behind the pain that they cause is your inner-strength muscle being worked.

If you are sensitive like me, you will have to go through a lot of times where you will be angry at the position you are in, there will be times you are so frustrated you want to quit, times where you’re so confused at how a person can be so mean?

Keep plowing through. Keep pushing forward through that.

And soon, you will have gone through so much that you will learn the ropes naturally.

You will realize that those who “take power” are lacking something. That they are so lightweight they could actually blow away in the wind.

You will realize that you don’t want anything from them.

You don’t want to be liked…

You don’t want to fit in with them…

You don’t want their approval…

You don’t need anything from them…

And when you realize that you will be free to be you. So focus on your work, practice not caring, and plow through the extremely crappy times.

There will be times where you are in a middle ground. You care what they think, but at other times you don’t. This is a great spot to be in! Because you just need to tighten up that last little part of you that wants their approval.

Drop the resistance

When you approach anything with these individuals. Make sure that you aren’t trying to gain power with their interaction with them. Don’t speak to them with resistance in your energy, voice, or demeanor. Resistance meaning a tight feeling in your stomach, and a need to control the situation. It also comes from fear. You need to approach every situation open, free and flexible.

Flexibility is an asset in these situations.

How do you deal with power grabs at work?