How-to speak with a manager at work

Inner-Strength Training Tip #12: You’ll never regret being professional

The situation:

You’re at work, unassuming when a situation unfolds that really gets under your skin. Perhaps it’s the straw that breaks the camels back. And internally, you find the flames of anger are stoked. You might go blank. You might immediately want to get upset. You feel the injustice has been done and the air needs to be cleared.


Anger, impulsive behavior, frustration, accusation, hot-headedness

how-to handle:

how to approach a situation and the words that you choose to have an effect on the outcome of the situation. If you approach a meeting with your manager in a negative and dramatic way. Then, you’re less likely to have your message heard by them.

Try not to approach the situation angry. Sometimes we can misperceive what is actually going on. We may pick up on negative energy and feel like it is directed toward us. When in fact, it is just the toxic energy in the air.

cool off

Send your manager an outlook appointment to meet, or verbally ask if now is a good time to talk.  Do so when you are cooled off and can think rationally.

speak privately

There’s something integrous about speaking out of sight of your other co-workers. If you walk and talk outside or speak in a private conference room, your co-workers cannot use it as office gossip. You can maintain the integrity of yourself and your boss. You can earn respect as an employee by wanting the best for everyone and protecting the reputation of yourself and your manager.

How did you handle speaking to a manager privately? Share with me and the girls reading this!