How-To Be Resilient Part 2 of 4: Determination

To start the second part of our series, let me float this question to you. Have you ever noticed in your dreams and fantasies, how grand everything seems? You’re rich for one. And most likely all of your physical and emotional needs are met.

For your viewing pleasure, let us imagine a tale of two scenarios…


……The scene is a huge mansion, with palm trees out front. Are we in California? Are we in Monaco? Who knows! It sure is sunny and warm, wherever we are.

And look there’s you!

In a beautiful rose-colored dress. A martini in hand, and a hot, hot husband.

Let’s jump inside another blurb. In this scenario, we are outside of a sky-high building.

Looks like a busy and serious corporation.

As we enter the building, our eyes take note of the hustle and bustle of office workers, business executives, and the like.

We take the elevator up to the 50th floor. That’s your office. You’re a big-time exec. If that’s not what you want to be then you’re an office manager?

You’re living your perfect scenario. That is the reality you want, yes?

Ok. So if you are a middle-class gal with big dreams, and the privilege to let the grind reveal your inner diamond, how do you move through tough situations?

Well, my friend if you want to be resilient.

And besides faith, you need development a fiery sense of determination. Willingness is another term we can use.

What is determination?

It’s channeling all your energy into a singular focus in order to reach an end goal.

Whether you’re trapped at a job you hate, or you took a risk, and started your own business.

And you should know that all the role models you admire probably started at the very bottom, too.

So, in life, when the going gets tough, which it will. You can activate resiliency in yourself.

You can’t just run away, and give up at the first sign of rejection. Or, when things veer off plan. (Although I should mention in some cases, like a toxic work environment, removing yourself may be your best option.)

The path to your desired outcome may be crawling with obstacles to slow you down.

You may not have an “in”, like the others. Heck, you might just be DIFFERENT. (That’s ok! I’ve always felt like a square peg in a round hole, myself)

Know that whatever you encounter is part of your journey.

Your life is evolving just the way it should.

And when you encounter those roadblocks,

know that they serve to increase and make apparent your natural gifts.

Can you handle people laughing at your dreams?

What about being an outsider?

What about people telling you, “No, this just isn’t going to work out. Sorry”

If you answered yes, you can handle these things, then it sounds like you’ve got what it takes to accomplish your goals.

One more thing…..

When people question your motivations and goals you ought to really stand firm in them.

One thing I’ve always struggled with is people liking me.

If someone said my dream or motivation for doing something was not realistic, I would be swayed by their opinion.

However, as I’ve observed more of life. I’ve noticed that nobody really knows what they are doing in life anyway. It’s just a bunch of people stumbling over each other to get to the desired outcome.

Empowered Lady, it’s important for you to trust yourself.

Trust yourself.

You know the answers.

When the going gets tough,  you must always put one foot in front of the other. Little by little you will chip away at the once insurmountable obstacle.

If you are in a situation that looks hopeless, grit your teeth honey, and summon the courage, and sheer power deep inside you to make things happen.

Here are some things that will help you when you feel things are getting dark:

Do one nice thing for yourself:

If you are an entrepreneur it could be switching up your location and where you work. I personally love coworking spaces. They’re a treat for creatives!

If you work in an office or are experiencing personal challenges, then buy treat yourself to a nice piece of chocolate, or something you like.

Treating yourself helps you to focus, at least it helps me. By rewarding myself, I’m able to feel good about my current situation. I’m not lost in anxiety and fear. Next…

Develop a plan:

Once you treated yourself nicely you can develop a plan for moving forward to get yourself out of that sticky situation.

I hate the saying “you have to be strategic.” As I hear it all too often. But, it’s precisely what you need to jump hurdles.

No matter your situation sit down with a pen and paper and one at a time, outline steps to take that can give you a boost out of your situation.

Remember your situation is not hopeless.

I’m telling you because I’ve been there, riding the wave of life. One minute things are great. While the next moment, you feel you’re trapped in a nightmare.

There is always a way out. An opportunity might just be around the corner.

Once you’ve made your list then take a break, get some fresh air, or could for a short walk if you can.

Breaking from a stressful situation does wonders for your mental state. Opportunities that seemed out of reach crop up like that *snaps fingers*.

How are you feeling empowered gal? So far we need faith and determination to become resilient.

Now go out there and craft your own life, get yourself out of that sticky situation!

Call-to-action: What situations have you gotten yourself out of? What did they teach you?