Self-Acceptance is the Key to Life

self-love, self-acceptance, key to life

“Love yourself.”

We’ve heard it a lot throughout our lives. It’s funny how we hear these things but we never truly understand their profound nature until we get more mature and older.

It is with this that I can say self-acceptance is the key to many things. And when you truly love yourself completely, and you’re ok with your flaws, your strengths and in general who you are. That is when life opens up for you.

Self-acceptance is the cake in Alice in Wonderland that enables Alice able to walk out into an enchanting new world. So, my question is. Do you love yourself? Be honest.

If the answer is no then it’s not the end of the world. and I congratulate you on being honest. It just means that you need to do a little more work on yourself to get to that safe place in your life.

And it’s a great place to be.

1. Trials and tribulations get you there

What you need to know is this. Those tough times that hurt, shock you, defeat you, test you. Well, they MAKE you.

It’s hard to get past the shock of a disappointment, the sudden sinking feeling of rejection and the emotional roller coaster of dashed expectations.

Or, on the other hand. The defeat of fear. The blossoming of your potential. The pep talk you give yourself.

The effort you put in and the congratulatory applause you receive. These are the times that test your character.

They form the foundation for self-love. And, the more you go through the stronger that foundation is. The less damaged it can get over time. The more it takes to knock you down.

After the taskmaster named life puts you through your share of these tests. And, when the universal conditions are right and the time has come.

You’ll transform from someone who felt less than comfortable in themselves to an individual who knows what they are capable of and that they can handle anything life throws at them.

You realize that time heals all wounds. And that even though things may be crumbling now, one day your castle will be rebuilt and that the sun will shine again.

2. Jealously? What Jealousy?!

When you are rooted in who you are then the need to compete with others falls away. When you’ve reached this level of maturity you can sit back and see people for who they are.

You notice (hopefully lovingly), what they struggle with, their ego, their needs, the need for acceptance. You celebrate their unique qualities.

And even if they have wonderful successes going for them, you realize that it doesn’t deviate from your successes.

Everyone has a unique life path and there is enough success to go around for everyone. You realize that you want to be around successful people not always compete with them.

And you also realize that working together is how to achieve amazing results. You’ve heard the saying you can’t do it alone!

3. Fear of Rejection?

You may have a hard time letting others get to know you. That might come from a fear of rejection or not wanting others to see the real you.

With self-love and acceptance, you realize that you are a complete person. And that those little flaws or quirks that you have actually make people fall in love with you.

If you were to be rejected again, for one, you know you could handle it, as all things pass with time. And two, you don’t feel “less than” because you know that you are enough.

The universe has a plan for you. Let things fall into place. Take action when necessary. Follow your dreams. Make break-throughs in your life. And enjoy your time here. 🙂

What trials have made you the person you are today?