What Are Your Thoughts on Down Days?

People think its so easy to chase your dreams. From my personal experience, you’re starting from scratch. You have to hustle to make anything happen. To fill you in I left my corporate job about one month ago.

To be quite honest, it was a long time coming. Ever since I graduated college in 2012, I’d been a job hopper. If I had to count, I’ve had around 5 jobs in 5 years. Heh. What can you do? It wasn’t until the end of 2017, six months into my latest job, that I knew I had to get out.

I was tired of being confined in an office.  And, I didn’t find the work to be meaningful or engaging. I toyed with pursuing writing. I find it somewhat therapeutic. When I was younger I used to type on an old typewriter I found in the attic. I also had a Xanga. On my Xanga I used to write my 15 year old thoughts and feelings. I wonder what I would think of them today?

Anywho, the point of this post is how to overcome those feelings of doubt and not being good enough. Since I’m a freelance writer now, I’ve been rejected, had some expectations crushed and felt like it’s taken forever to move an inch. Does anyone out there know what I mean?

I know I’m too hard on myself. I bet some of you ladies reading this are too. We set the bar extremely high for ourselves, and if we don’t see immediate results then we feel like we are epic failures.

But, you know what I observed? Its funny. When your career takes off, and you’re doing so well personally. It’s hard to be compassionate toward other people. We are doing well and we feel great. What else is there to worry about?

Yet, when we are feeling low or maybe our career isn’t doing so hot. We see the suffering in others. Their bad days and the heavy load they carry. We expect others to be kind to us, even if we don’t extend the same hand to them when the roles are reversed.

During those days when you want to throw in the towel, try to find some support. Don’t sink into a downward spiral or see how “low” you can go. When I find myself in this situation, I gather up all my strength and take one positive action. Action leads to results. Even if the day is awful and my world turns to shades of grey, this one positive action can be a bright spot. It represents hope. The possibility of better things to come. The catalyst for change!

That’s not to say I act like everything is rosy dosey on my darkest day. In fact, during those times I rely on my mom. I can’t wait for the day I am a positive and strong as her.

Do any ladies out there have days where they feel like giving up? Is it due to being highly critical? Share your story!