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Short Success Stories: Jim Carrey and Melanie Perkins

Do you want to be successful? Of course, you do. In this post, I will show you two short success stories.

Jim Carrey and Melanie Perkins. To hear about the hurdles another person has to face before becoming hugely successful helps us all to keep moving forward on our own personal success path. These two are motivational success stories to me.

Jim Carrey’s and his family lived in Canada. His family struggled to make ends meet. Eventually, the family lived in a van.

Tough times followed Him. Jim was dyslexic. But, he used humor to cope with this disability and rough living conditions. (This is one way to have a positive attitude)

He pursued comedy in Los Angeles.

In 1997, he sat down with Oprah. He recalled how he used visualization as a tool to succeed.

Each night, he drove to Mulholland Drive where he would “visualize things coming to me that I wanted.”

The kicker came when Jim wrote a $10 million dollar check to himself for acting services rendered. He dated it 3 years in the future.

Amazingly so, Jim signed on to star in Dumb and Dumber for $10 million dollars

It’s important to mention that Jim said he put in hard work in addition to visualizing his dreams.

Short Success Stories: Does it Take Hard Work?

We are raised with the idea that hard work pays off.

I personally believe that too. Yet, in his book Letting Go, David Hawkins shows us a different way.

Hawkins says that in order to have what we want. We should envision it as already ours. Include the feeling that would come with the desired item.

This is the Law of Expectancy. It’s referenced in the book Game of Life.

We worry and hold on to our desires.

Instead, David Hawkins says we should let the universe bring us our wishes.

We can do this by letting go of the desire. He says, “When we desire something we already put a psychic distance between ourselves and the item.”

We can break old patterns if we reflect how we look at the universe, too!

David Hawkins points out people see the universe as a good or bad parent.

As the bad parent, we feel the universe is withholding our dreams and goals. Conversely, as the good parent, we can expect to manifest all that we desire in an instant. The universe is capable and ready to give.

Roll the Dice

The book, The Game of Life and How to Play says, “Man can have what he is entitled to by divine right.”

My whole life I had no clue I was entitled to as much money, riches, success as I want. It is my inherent right. And it is yours too!

So ask for what you want.

When you are confident and write a gratitude letter or impress your subconscious with the thought of abundance. It will manifest into your life. This is one way to improve positive thinking.

The Next Success Story

This story is modern.

The underlying lesson is to persevere. Also, it stresses to better your pitch at each turn.

Melanie Perkins, 30, Co-founder of the Australian-based startup Canva.

Someone who founded a $1 billion dollar company didn’t struggle, right? Wrong.

In fact, it took Melanie pitched to hundreds of investors before anyone invested in Canva.

Canva seems so necessary, right? What were those investors thinking? I mean have you tried Adobe Photoshop without a manual lately?

Instead of crying her eyes out after every unsuccessful meeting. Perkins fine-tuned her strategy.

This is a great point.

Pro-tip: If your attempts fail to achieve results. Then, critically examine your strategy. Doing this your knowledge will expand. You can tap into this information later. To help other people.

Perkins said, “Being rejected a lot meant that I had to try harder and refine my strategy.”

She said that investors had to be convinced the problem existed and affected a lot of people. Melanie didn’t turn back. When an idea takes hold of you make an agreement with it.

Elizabeth Gilbert describes how ideas are born in the book, The Big Magic.

She says that ideas go door to door to seek out a home. Once an idea has found you, and you agree to move forward with it. You and the idea sign a contract.

Listen to your gut and instincts in whatever you pursue. Even if some people can’t share your vision. It doesn’t mean that they are right. Prove them wrong.

Personal Experience

I’ve decided to pursue freelance writing. I ignorantly thought, “How hard can it be to replace my salary?”

But it takes time for a business to grow.

For 3 months, I sat at my desk.

Each day I performed the same task.

I must’ve sent 500 cold pitch emails in total. Only to be met with no response. It was frustrating. There were some low times.

But I just knew I wanted to make this work. I had to go back to the drawing board a couple times.

After I read Melanie’s story I realized how important reevaluating my strategy was.

Each time you begin to improve your methods, you increase the chance of a better result.


People will always tell you no. There will always be obstacles in the way.

This seems this is especially true when it’s your real passion. The point is to keep going. I really like the saying progress, not perfection.

The human struggle is the same for everyone. Even if you are hanging by a thread!

Do realize that tomorrow you could be on top of the world.

What is your takeaway from the success stories? What is your success story. Share it with me below.