3 Sources of Personal Power That You Can Harness

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A lot of people want to quit their desk jobs. I think one reason may be because their personal power is frequently stolen from them during the rat race. But, a fellow employee can’t take something from you unless you let them.

That’s why the following will help you guard your personal power.

You can do it-empowered lady! Protect yourself and laugh a little the next time a negative Nancy has a bad day and tries to come for you. Oh no she didn’t! 🙂

If your qualm is more on the “what is inner strength side” than check out this article.

 1.Spiritual Energy has to be Protected

You’ve heard the saying everything in the universe is connected, right?

It doesn’t mean you’re physically connected to that pigeon that pecks for breadcrumbs on the sidewalk! It means each of us has the same spirit within us.

And when we are able to recognize that, we see its essence in everything.

This is why some people find it hard to kill bugs or the scary spider that lurks around in your apartment. Lol!

Because they know inside of the spider is the same spirit that is inside of us humans, silly!

Next, personal power is the inner knowledge that you are enough.

And if there is injustice or someone wants to slight you, then you have no problem speaking to that individual in a calm but strong manner.

Problem is the speaking part can be a bit intimidating for those of us who are open-hearted. Am I right?

Don’t fret pet!

Time is the water that grows the feeling of personal potential and your capacity.

Don’t think that you need to change yourself either. The source of personal power is already within you.

Become aware of what you need to work on. In time you will harness the tools you need.

Experience is also a guide. It is how you develop inner strength and confidence.

Watch for similar situations that repeat over the course of your life. If you do not learn a lesson once then it will experience it many times. Then, once you embrace the lesson it will cease to exist.

For example, in my life certain strife followed me during my time in corporate America.

Let me explain. I’ve held three office jobs in the past 3 years. Each of them ended up being a toxic energy swirl of unhappy people.

I often thought women were in competition with me. Or, there was a sense of injustice happening.

So…I ran from it.

At each new job, I watched the very same situation unfold exactly as they had at the last job.

The problem followed behind me as I tried to escape it. Figuratively that is.

Now I know the solution to this problem. Face it. In a detached, strong and professional manner.

It’s important for us to understand that our happiness and sense of personal power is linked with our vibration, too.

David Hawkins quantified the levels of consciousness or vibrations. But it doesn’t have to be quite so technical.

Bottom line: When you feel 🙁 your vibration is low

When you feel 🙂 your vibration is high.

Got it? Now let’s laugh a little

Laughing break commencing……………………………..3…. 2…. 1

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

OK! We’re back to number 2

2. How to Feel Empowered: Why Not Create a Morning Spiritual Routine, You Charming Lass?

In her book, the Path to Wealth, businesswoman May McCarthy gives plenty of evidence on how we can create the life we want. And it involves a….. gratitude journal!

She also mentions visualization techniques.

It really truly is effective, lass. A Science Daily shows that gratitude is healthy.

It monitored patients who had stage B heart failure.

After testing and observation with gratitude patients that expressed higher levels of gratefulness had better levels of sleep, better mood, and less inflammation.

Pro-tip: When you journal for gratitude, let your emotions be authentic. This helps you achieve what you want.


3. Ask the Universe for Leads and Then Remain Attentive Like a Bird Watcher

Trust that things happen for a reason.

It’s very hard and often we need reassurance that this is true.

However, it is. Hindsight is 20/20 and when you distance yourself from a situation you see clearly the reasons why.

You can just expect them though. Oh, no no no sweet girl. You need to ASK for them!

I found this video from Gabby Bernstein helpful in its explanation:


She said she asks for an image of an owl as her signal from the universe.

It might be helpful to write down all that you experience or see.

Don’t overthink the signal. Our logical mind really wants to believe that this experience is false. It will definitely look for any reason it can to extinguish your faith.


Your personal power will evolve with time and experience. You don’t need to TOTALLY FREAK and think you are inadequate. Because your not!

There’s a whole world inside of you and it’s waiting to come out at the right time.

Stay positive!

What situations have you faced where you trusted the universe? What do you think of gratitude journaling?