Be Your Own Spiritual Life Coach: How To Create A Vision Board


Let’s make a vision board.

Hi, empowered lady!

How are you doing today? How’s your life going?

Today we’re learning how to make a vision board and about how the universe works. It’s called the law of attraction.

You’ve heard all the spiritual life coaches talk about this topic before and for good reason.

The Law of Attraction states that what we hold in mind tends to manifest into our lives and that like goes to like.

Visualization is one way we attract our desires into our reality.

So many articles are written about this topic. What more could you learn you ask?

In my personal experience, I’ve made a list of dreams and desires and then visualized and felt what it would feel like to accomplish them.

But it didn’t always work for me.

For example, at my last job, I wanted to be promoted to a specific position, but this position operated on the east coast. I tried to persuade the director to create the position on the west coast, where I live. However, I was shot down. And the case was closed. No further negotiation thankyouverymuch.

However, I was shot down. And the case was closed. No further negotiation thankyouverymuch.

I continued for a year to visualizing my other goals and dreams. With these goals not happening quickly enough, however, eventually, I moved away from the exercise. I felt like maybe it was a hoax.

It wasn’t until I recently started growing my Pinterest account that I saw all those inspirational quotes. I began to feel energized by them.

Then almost like magic, I listened to an ebook for a freelance job, and the speaker mentioned to watch your self-talk.

Self-talk? Yeah, I’ve heard that before too. But this time I really heard it.

It’s that little voice inside; sometimes it can be critical but if used for good it can propel us toward our goals.

And hey, If you are always listening to yourself put yourself down, you are creating barriers to success. One way to be your best spiritual life coach is to stop all that negative self-talk.

A couple of days later I wrote on my mirror in Chanel coral cream blush that “I’m awesome.” I practiced saying positive things to myself and stopped being so damn critical.

After two weeks passed, I toyed with the vision board idea.

Then another revelation, I realized that my thoughts affect my life. I realized I don’t have to listen to all those thoughts that float around in my mind.

You know, the ones that judge. The ones that say, “she doesn’t look good today” or the thoughts that notice other people’s flaws.

Why the heck did I tolerate those thoughts anyway?

And you know what, those thoughts aren’t private.

People can sense what you think about them, even if they aren’t conscious of it.

As David Hawkins says in his book Letting Go, “Our feelings and thoughts always have an effect on other persons and affect our relationships, whether these thoughts or feelings are verbalized, expressed or not.”

Thoughts are energy, and that energy accumulates in your life whether it’s negative or positive.

Another quote from David R. Hawkins states, “Because feelings determine thoughts and the thoughts we hold in mind determine outcomes, it is important to clarify the relationship between our feelings and the freeing of our abilities so that they result in successful action.”

Well after ALL of that realizing…. I realized I had to make a vision board and only tolerate happy, positive, and success-inducing thoughts. And be my own spiritual life coach.

As my own spiritual life coach, I realize It’s not possible to stay positive all the time. However, I try to become conscious of any negative thoughts.

When a negative or judgmental thought floats by, I say “no thank you; I don’t subscribe to that.”

The thought keeps moving, and I don’t invest in it.

With all that said, here is how you make an amazing vision board.

1. Sit Quietly and Identify Your Goals

Probably the most important step is for you to sit in a quiet place and reflect. Don’t be afraid to dig deep, empowered lady.

What is it you want to achieve? Why are you getting up each day and going to work? What’s the end goal? What would you want if money or obstacles weren’t in your way?

WHAT IS IT YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU CAN HAVE IT. Part of being your own spiritual life coach is taking charge of your life. Be the leading lady.

Write down what you thought of!

2. Gather the Materials

You need:
• Poster Board – a color that energizes and inspires
o You can use a cork board too
o Digital vision boards? Yeah, we have those now.. check out this link!
o Glue – I used rubber cement
o A piece of tape if you want to hang the board, or tack of some kind
o MAGAZINES! Per this excellent link which suggests using a variety of magazines. Variety is the spice of life after all. You’ll want to get about four magazines.

3. Clip pictures that speak to you

Images, words, and phrases that FEEL right and fit with those goals you wrote down. Your intuition won’t let you down. Listen to it.

Does that picture of the lady CEO getting in an airplane feel right? Or how about the picture of the women who owns her own company? IT’s YOU.

4. Arrange the images on your board

5. Place an excellent photo of yourself in the center.

6. Hang your vision board (soon to be reality board) in a spot where you can look at it everyday

Be Your Own Spiritual Life Coach: How the Law of Attraction and Visualization Work:

What we hold in mind tends to manifest. We’ve heard popular spiritual life coaches say that. If you give enough attention to a fearful thought, it will enter into your life.

Think back, perhaps when we were in grade school, and you didn’t want the teacher to call on you in class for the answer.

If you fed that thought with enough energy and attention, sure enough, you would get called on.

The same thing happens when we focus on the positive aspects of our lives too! If you want that promotion, visualize yourself getting it. Life Coach Tony Robbins suggests feeling the feelings that accompany getting what you want.

Timing also plays an important role. Sometimes if we don’t get what we want, we feel that maybe our visualization technique didn’t work. Or maybe we did it wrong.

Trust that what’s meant for you will find you. Everything does happen for a reason. As my own spiritual life coach that’s what I believe 🙂