Steps to achieve our technology goals + a story about a rose

G’day, Bonjour, Hello, Guten Tag, and Hola to some of our lovely Taupe Shoes readers this week!

In the last post, I talked about how to understand technical concepts.

Seems like most of you liked that article because it’s one of my most popular!

I find myself in a similar boat. I want to be an expert in the technology field.

While I do try to read a lot, I need something more.


What steps can both of us take to achieve our goals?

My personal goal is I want to be ACE certified in Adobe InDesign.

Then it hit me!


Why not start a Facebook group. A technology empowered one, at that! All you need to bring is one technology goal that you want to achieve.

Having support is so important. Do you know how much you can accomplish with someone supporting you? A LOT.

That’s why a lot of women get into relationships.

Relationships provide support and stability. These things sound boring.

However, when you’re missing them, watch how the floor drops out from under you.

What are your thoughts on stability?

Personally, I’d rather be alone than with someone I didn’t absolutely think is the one. A long time ago I went to my prom alone.


We need to take action on our goals. Right?

We can do this together! We need positive words of encouragement and a safe, creative environment.

Interested? If so stay tuned for more information about how to join this technology empowered Facebook group!

Now, on to the rose.

In 2014, a random stranger gave me this beautiful orange rose shown in the photo above (it’s now a dried up rose!). He was a young kid, and I remember he told me his name. Michael.

Why did he give me the rose?

Well, I was in my third (of unfortunately quite a few) jobs.

The environment was TERRIBLE. It was inhuman! Think a lot of backstabbing, gossip and oppressive negative energy.

It was like being in a shark tank!

The company actually fired someone because they were doing WELL.

Anyway, I was sitting in a café at the bottom of the building I worked in.

I must’ve looked depressed. This person came up to me with this beautiful rose and gently extended his hand.

I forget exactly what he said. But I remember being so proud of this rose as I walked back up to the office.

What did it symbolize? Why did I keep it for the past 3 years?

It reminds me to be kind. It reminds me to support others when they are down.

It reminds me that life changes. This part of our lives isn’t fixed. We aren’t stuck.

This “place” we’re at in our lives is just a chapter. Soon it will become just a memory.

Are you happy with where you’re at in life?

Let’s keep getting better. This helps to create more opportunities for us.

Let’s open those doors.

Stay tuned for the Facebook group!

What would you like to see in the Facebook live group? Leave your comments!