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Love your challengers: how to strengthen your weaknesses

Inner-strength tip #3: Love your enemies for they tell you your faults – Benjamin Franklin

The problem:

At work you always find yourself encountering resistance from someone. And there’ve been days when people make rude comments to you and it gets you down. For example, your associates have used their position and seniority to make a bad judgment call against you simply because they’ve had a bad day. And you seem to be doing your job right, so why not? side note: that’s backwards!  You may feel self-conscious due to a careless comment made about your abilities for a power play.

The solution:

But, don’t get down. Become conscious of how you feel in that moment. Your inner-strength muscle has been activated.

You can picture a muscle – it’s red just like a muscle and quite powerful. When you flex this muscle you seem how much it has been worked to get to this point. Imagine now a flimsy muscle. Loose and wimpy. This is what your inner-strength would look like if you were never challenged. Not much to show for yourself, right?

These challenges are the perfect training to continually strengthen you, So laugh a little and say good work to yourself for having qualities that others want to emulate. You should be delighted that you were given this opportunity to reinforce everything you have to offer.

The resistance:

Resistance bands are used when you exercise. In a bad situation where you are dodging and finding an opportunity to gain control over a situation or at odds with someone consider these your resistance bands.

The parts of you that still feel affected by comments, weird looks, group huddles that don’t involve you are the parts that need to be built up.

As I’ve said before in reality, no one can hurt you unless you give them permission to do so. And you give them permission by caring what they do. A need for recognition by those who refuse to do so also gives them power.

When you are in the negative situation it might not feel rosy. You may feel like you are losing ground and it seems like the situation will never end. Blow after blow come your way.  You may get knocked down over and over again.

Bring it on! (figuratively speaking)

“Bring it on.” Each time someone decides they want to single you out today say those words in your head. You can handle the pressure. It’s a sign that you are doing something right. Because behind the scenes, it wouldn’t hurt them to be a little more secure in themselves. They aren’t truly happy with what they have or where they’re at in life. And as you know every successful person has had to go through this resistance. Let the universe show you who you are and where you’re headed in life. By observing how others react to you in situations.

These individuals feel bad in general, know that they see you and your bright future and they wish it were theirs. So, every time they come at you with remarks, take it as a sign that you are on your path and doing a great job at work. Let this knowledge dissolve any negativity within the situation. And remember kindness and a cool head go a long way!

It’s within you:

At work, other’s won’t let your true worth be recognized, you’re not respected the way you should be. And why not? All because the squeaky wheel gets the oil, as the saying goes.

No. Not anymore squeaky wheel.

Remember you should always be respectful, kind and compassionate. But, sweet individuals don’t have to be doormats for people to walk all over.  If you are sweet to others but find they would sooner betray you with their words and actions. Take heart, you are moral, you have a HEART, you are kind, you are mature, you are SUCCESS.

Use this time to build up your inner-strength. For it’s important to be kind and nice, but you need to make sure you worry about yourself as well. Ensure that you do not let people walk all over you by asserting yourself. Do not go radio silent in situations because you are scared. If you do go silent do so out of wisdom. You will know the difference.

Who knows what your future will be. You may have fame, fortune and lots of success around you. Keep working hard and stay poised and strong!

How has your inner-strength been tested lately? Share your story with me and other girls in the comments!