How To Succeed and Manage Yourself During Uncertain Times

How To Succeed and Manage Yourself During Uncertain Times

During my transition from corporate workaholic to self-employed workaholic, I’ve noticed something:

When you are self-employed you have a lot of:


Especially, during the beginning of your venture. As you know, I recently left my corporate job for the world of freelance writing. My business is in its early stages of it right now. But, there is one thing they don’t tell you: a business requires A LOT of work.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of uncertainty right now. I’ve thought about bills numerous times. How will I pay my student loans? How will I pay my credit card bill? And parents can only assist so much.

So, it’s really up to me whether this thing sinks or swims. (It’s gonna swim, of course! Think successful be successful!)

But, some days are tough. Sometimes, I feel like the walls are caving in on me.

Some days, I feel fear consume every ounce of me. If things are not moving as quickly as I’d like, I get angry.

There are times when I start to doubt my abilities, where I feel, quite frankly, like a fraud.

But, on the bright side, there steps you can take to triumph over these two things:




The following steps are simple, yet effective at leading you out of the pit of despair, and towards success. Maybe you’re going through a transition, like me, or you’ve experienced heartbreak. It could be anything. During uncertain life storms, we need to come prepared.

Why Are You Fearful?

If you feel the ghoulish, heart-stopping, feelings of fear slinking up your body, know that it is not just you that feels this way. Most times, we feel very alone, or like nobody else understands how we feel. Know that no matter the happy and carefree mask others seem to wear, we all go through the same emotions more or less.You are fearful because you’re uncertain. You lack faith in your situation, or you doubt your capabilities and perseverance.

What Does Fear Feel Like?

It feels like the earth will open up, and swallow you whole. You feel like you’re “in deep.” Or, there is no way out. You took the hard way. There’s no hope for your situation. You’re at a dead end. You can’t see any way out. Hopeless!

Does this sound familiar?

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Take Baby Steps

How can you achieve this? Say you’re in the midst of a full-on fear breakdown. Take baby steps. One baby step you can do is breathe and ground yourself. Then, when you’ve collected yourself, make a plan. Choose one positive action to take. For instance, cleaning your apartment or house. Or, sending an email to a client. It’s helpful to gauge how you’re feeling that day, but on days when I’m stressed about work, I start by sending one small email related to my work.

The day I wrote this, for example, I was concerned because I haven’t heard back from a potential job. I collected myself, held my head hight, and decided to take charge of my day. I cleaned my living space, went for a walk, and returned a library book. You know what? Later that day I heard from clients!


2. Recite Positive Affirmations

You might be tired of hearing the word, “affirmation.” However, in my personal experience, I found that when I’m about to take a nose dive into the negative valley, affirming that I’m capable, motivated, and a success helps me stay balanced.

Remember you can achieve anything you want in life. Even if you think otherwise. Remember, some of our greatest inventors didn’t finish college. For example, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Zuckerberg.

Try these affirmations:

I am a successful person. Everything I do is successful.

I will make it through this time. And I will come out even stronger.

This event or time has happened for a reason. It is part of my path, and I will make it through.

I’m beautiful, smart, and talented, and I will take charge of my life.

3. Take Stock

By “take stock” I mean, think about your situation. Do you have a choice to turn back or is this your only option? For me, freelancing is my only option. I will make this work. Knowing this, I have to work my butt off to secure quality work.

Realizing that you only have one option gives you increased strength, and perspective. You can only go one way. You have to make it through. There is no other choice.

This can apply to any situation you find yourself in. Heartbreak? Only have one way to go, hun. Fired? Keep it moving!

It’s super hard, but if you take the emotion out of it, and see that this tough time will come and go, it makes taking baby steps even easier and helps you fear less. Soon you’ll be halfway through your fearful or scary situations, then a short time later, you’ll be all the way through, and on to greener pastures.

Just remember one positive step forward, or a kind word from someone does have a big impact on your day during times of hardship. Remain true to the lessons you learned, as they will make you stronger.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Do you have a similar story? Tell me a time you were in a similar situation, and went through a challenging time.