Technology Gurl: How-To Be an Expert in a Field That Once Scared You

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Hi, there technology gurl!

Good Afternoon


Alasiri nzur


That’s good afternoon in the language of some of our Taupe Shoes readers!

Today’s topic is about technology.

I know you’re probably thinking…

Why is she talkin’ tech now?

I thought this was a self-help blog!

Well, good question.

When we acquire new skills, we grow. Dip deeper into your skills with the:

Tech Gurl Worksheet

The amount we grow is determined by the difficulty of the task.

So I say again…. TECH

Tech Anxiety

If you’re like me, you probably have tech anxiety…sometimes.

You might feel like the constant stream of new information is running over you again and again.

Excel. Databases. Pivot Tables. Formulas. Software. Hardware.


Am I right?

It doesn’t help that nobody explains it to us.

However instead of caving under the anxiety surge when someone says the word “program” or “database.”

Why not change it?

Why not grab tech by its brand new, shiny horns?

Why not be the experts?

Nowadays information is currency.

And all of that anxiety is a waste of time.

Why do you ask?

Well, you don’t have to go to MIT to be knowledgeable about technology!

It’s not some kind of secret club. You don’t have to be taught by the world’s best experts. Drink from the sacred tech chalice. Or be initiated in some way!

You don’t have to be a computer programmer to know how to use the software.

If you’re wondering what exactly software entails. All you need to do is…read.

The Great Information Chase

Yeah. That’s right empowered lady. All you need to do is pick up some books by experts in their field. I personally like the MIT Essential Knowledge Series. It gives a quick, high-level overview of specific knowledge everyone should know!

Time is of the Essence

Take some time to read on the bus to work.

Or like Jim Kwik says 45 min a day will help you finish one book a week.

Speaking of Jim Kwik, he is an expert in speed-reading. In fact, I’ve purchased his speed-reading program

It’s helped me understand the mechanisms of reading fast. And the right questions to ask yourself while reading.

If you’re interested here’s the link to his site.


Slowly but surely when you chip away at an area that challenged you, you, you’ll master it.


You’ll learn it’s the ins and outs. It’s strengths and weakness. You just need to dedicate time to keep getting to know it.

This concept is very similar to the psychology of people. When we first meet someone we don’t immediately become best friends, do we?


When we grow into ourselves, we don’t need to rush into relationships. Just like fine wine things are better when we slowly unravel them with TIME.

Get to know each other. Let things happen organically so to speak!

When we are young, we rush the heck into everything.

Am I right?

Goal Setting in Technology

So as you can see we are capable of mastering anything we chose to.

And I have a theory that women are especially good in STEM-related fields.

This is my own personal theory. It hasn’t been proven by research. It’s just a hunch. ☺


Well, technology has many intricacies. So many nooks and crannies to take into account.

And as women… what…. what do we do best?!?

Well, for one we’re very emotionally intuitive. And anyone that’s worked around women will know one action can have manyyyy intricate interpretations.

Say hi the wrong way, and you could have an enemy for life.


But as women, we are so smart. So intuitive. I can’t help but think we’re in a perfect position to explore how things work in this field.

Technology Goal Setting

We strive to be our best. One way we achieve our best is to goal set. This year goal setting is on the top of my priority list.

We empower ourselves when we make learning the different terminology, how computers work, foundational information, what’s a network, getting familiar with the software, etc.

Self- Investment

Who knows you could end up getting promoted because of the self-invest you made.


Take time out of your busy schedule to set 3 technology goals you wish to accomplish this year.

If you’re capable of more, then go for it! If less, then make your pick count. The sweet spot is 3.

Areas You Could Choose:

  • The Basics: computer terminology (what is a host? What is a network what is a platform?)
  • Computer languages (Python, CSS, JavaScript, HTML) this is one area I could use more exploration in. Although this article, Bill Gates recently mentioned the top 3 skills everyone should know to be successful. Check it out here and use the information you learn to make your choice.
  • Artificial intelligence (Kind-of a big topic nowadays)
  • Robotics
  • Cloud computing
  • What Amazon is doing
  • Learning different software (excel, adobe)

There are many more areas, but those are a few to start you off.

My Own Goal Setting

Being a newbie at something is frustrating, right?

I understand.

To master something you need to be consistent.

I’m a person who likes to be excellent at something first try.

The extremely high standards I set motivate me to have my own personal best.

We start out as beginners. But we move up the ladder as we sharpen our skills. This requires time and making room for error.

Sometimes the process is slow. It can also be painful in a sense. We forge forward into the unknown.

Will we make it to expert level?

I often need to tell myself to stick it out. There will be frustrating days. There will be breakthroughs.

One thing I noticed is people can rarely solve technical problems quickly. Tech takes time. There are a lot of little parts you have to take into account.

The more you practice, the better you will be.

So don’t get down on yourself!

My goal is to be an expert in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

I’m still thinking of a third.

Any ideas?

What are your tech goals this year? Let me know, and we can motivate each other to the finish line!

Until next time Empowered Ladies! 🙂