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Ways for Women Empowerment

ways for women empowerment

Want to know a secret?

It’s a super classified and highly technical way to see who your friends are.

It most certainly is not a way for women empowerment.

It starts by getting something stuck in your teeth or on your face.

Recently I found myself in both situations (unintentional of course). Both times, many people saw me, but only one tried to help.

For those people that watched me look a bit foolish, their silence spoke volumes about who they are.

Here’s the story where no one tried to help

It had been a long week. During that week I’d gone to lunch with a co-worker and thought I had made a new friend.

Later on, we were assigned to a task together.

I’d be under the impression that this person was good-natured, kind and compassionate.

All the other times we spoke it appeared she had been. But this time I noticed that she kept cutting me off. Especially when I made good points. Red Flag. I shrugged it off. Maybe she’s just tired?

Halfway through working on this project, we took a break. I broke off a piece of dark chocolate I had on my desk. I popped it into my mouth for energy, thought nothing of it and kept working.

Chocolate ….

I must’ve had chocolate on my hand because when I touched my face because before you know it I had melted chocolate on my forehead. It wasn’t just a little dab. It was quite large and noticeable (as I found out later).

I’d kept working with my new “friend” for at least an hour after that with melted chocolate on my forehead.

During this time we were talking, laughing and she looked me right in the eyes like nothing was wrong.

I spoke with other coworkers as well. Laughing and having a serious conversation.

And although I did feel something was energetically off with my discussions not one person told me I had a large smear of chocolate on my forehead.

I found out for myself when I intuitively tried to check my appearance on my iPhone.

I was embarrassed and hurt. Yeah, if I told this story to anybody they would say,

“Let it go.”

“It isn’t a big deal” or

“You need to have thick skin to be in business.”

But it was painful and oddly reminiscent of the movie Mean Girls. 

It made me wonder, what kind of person is ok with letting someone look like a fool? What kind of satisfaction could they get? Definitely not someone that wants to empower women.

It made me reevaluate my value system.

Are you one of those people, Empowered Lady?

Take the time to ask yourself, if someone had chocolate on their forehead would you tell them?

We are defined by the choices we make every single day. Are we the people we think we are?

Do we want instant gratification and short-term success? Are we going along with the crowd when we really want to step away from it?

Sometimes we hurt because of others actions. But how many times do we listen to stories of others who are hurting too?

Part of a healthy value system is returning compassion as well.

Now don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t make ourselves a doormat.

Nor should we get close to manipulative people. But we should have a level of compassion for others.

I know listening to others is difficult for me sometimes.

When I am hurting, I can always call my mom and tell her about a bad day. She still listens. But sometimes I can’t be bothered to hear how she’s hurting. Sometimes I don’t have the same compassion she has for me.

As I get older, a strong value system is fundamental. What is another way for women empowerment? Well, It’s essential for us to be role models for younger women who want to grab the world by the horns.

Ways for Women Empowerment: What Is a Value System?

It’s what you stand for. Saying you have integrity and having it are two different things. I am shocked to see how many people are in it for themselves nowadays.

Many people could care less about others.

They have a shallow value system.

They judge, use, and lie to get where they need to go.

Bend the rules? No problem. People treat their fellow human beings like crap. Almost like they aren’t even humans, just like they’re a washed up inanimate object.

It’s important to remember each human has a heart and feelings. As women, we are naturally intuitive, and we need to dedicate ourselves to a stable and profound value system.

Ways for Women Empowerment

So let’s ask us, do we care?

Do we care if someone has chocolate on their face?

Do we care if we hurt someone else’s feelings?

Do we care if someone else is hurting?

Do we care if someone is going through a painful divorce?

Do we care if someone has three kids and a full-time job and just wants to make it through the day?

Do we care about other people’s pain?

Do we care at all about our co-workers or are they just pieces of crap?

Do we care if someone feels stifled in their home environment but still tries to put on a brave face?

Ask yourself.

What Can You Do?

Empowered Ladies, let’s start to care about each other as women.

Let’s get rid of the “me-first” mentality.

Let’s let go of judgment and jealousy. It takes a lot of inner-work on yourself, but it can be accomplished. These are the ways for women empowerment.

Empowered Ladies, to get the recognition we deserve in the workplace, media, and life. We must first empower each other. We must be compassionate and secure. Strong core values that are unshakeable are worth their weight in gold.

We aren’t made perfect. There is no such thing as perfection, but we can always work to get better.

Ways for women empowerment: Now let me ask you this, what is one area in your life where you wish you had stronger values? Don’t be ashamed! Share!

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