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Why Relationships Matter In Business

Remember the old saying it’s not what you know it’s who you know? I’ve found it surprisingly accurate.

Building quality business relationships can help you get promoted or recommended for projects.


Well, success in business is like a recipe.

It requires:

1 part providing quality work
1 part being knowledgeable
1 part building strong relationships

You can try to get ahead, like I did, by working hard and being good at your job alone, but it was the employees that had work relationships got further.

Here are three ways to maximize your relationships:

1. Set the Intention to Communicate with the Person You Intend to Cultivate a Relationship with and “Breathe Them in.”

I learned this trick from a public speaking class I took, but I think it’s applicable here too. Before presentations, speakers set the intention to connect with their audience and “breathe them in” figuratively speaking. I’ve tried it at a few meetings and speaking one on one and found it effective for getting my message across and staying in the moment.

2. Humanize Yourself

Open yourself up to a connection if you think this person is worth getting to know and they have integrity. Share a personal story about yourself or exciting plans you have for the weekend. Revealing this kind of information helps form a connection between you and another person. You become a real person instead of a face or a name in a crowd.

Start the conversation first! People may want to speak with you but are too shy!

3. Let Your Work Do Some of the Talking

While you build these new amazing work relationships, you shouldn’t forget to make sure your work is high quality.
Churning out high-quality work shows your superiors that you are a prime candidate to lead a project or take on more accounts. Sloppy work doesn’t go unnoticed, and I have to admit the devil is in the details. Also when typing emails make sure to proof read before hitting send and set the intention to make your work space neat and tidy.
Your work is tangible evidence of your ability and potential. While you build those quality relationships, let’s make sure the work you do is also an accurate reflection of you!