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Women Who Inspire: Miranda Kerr


As women, we look to other women who have walked the path of life for advice or truths about things they’ve experienced. We want to apply what they learned to our own lives.

Miranda Kerr is one woman I looked to for advice particularly during the ages of 23,24,25 and 26. I felt her interests were similar to mine. Here are the five most helpful things I learned from her.


  1. Maca Power is Amazing

Yes, I know I already wrote a post about the benefits of Maca Powder. But I don’t think I would’ve made it this far in life without it. Naturally, I’m a bit irritable. Who isn’t? With so many chemical reactions going on in our bodies, Maca Powder helps balance the hormones and keep my mood even keel, pleasant and happy.

I mix Maca Powder with Superbeets, and this concoction jump starts my day. I am productive, (probably a little more so than my peers), my energy levels are high but without jitters or harmful side effects.

How did I hear of Maca Powder? When I was younger, I was obsessed with supermodels. I wanted to look like them, be as beautiful as they were. Their beauty astounded me. So I guess as I got older I thought I knew them and maybe the same products they liked would help me….

I first took an interest in Miranda Kerr’s products when she recommended Sun Chlorella. I had just graduated college and was miserably tired in my first job at a bank.

I thought Sun Chlorella would help..and it did for a while. Eventually, it made me too jittery, so I stopped taking it.

Then I saw The Body Beautiful video, and another interview with Vogue Austraila found here where she recommends Maca Powder and Cacao and Acai Powder, and others. While other products have come and gone Maca Powder has stuck around for about three years. It’s SO worth checking out, Empowered Lady.

  1. David R. Hawkins

It’s no secret that my favorite author is David R. Hawkins. His books have the power to change your life!

Although I didn’t hear about David Hawkins through Miranda Kerr, I found out she also likes his work! Knowing this is an interest of hers reaffirmed that Miranda Kerr is a woman I admire as we share similar values.

What does Miranda Kerr like about David Hawkins? Well in this Harper’s Bazaar interview she said her “all-time favorite author” is David Hawkins and lists Power vs. Force has her favorite book. Miranda said she gets “so much out of this book every time she reads it.”

I have a copy of Power vs. Force. It was the second book I bought by the author after Letting Go.

Quick Story

David Hawkins book Letting Go came into my life when I was 24. I had just moved to Seattle, and I was in a toxic work environment. The place I worked was glamorous, but the people had no moral code nor compassion.

I was still a bit mixed up as one is when they are young. Trying to figure myself out.

I had just smoked a cigarette (no I’m not a smoker) and sitting on my bathroom floor, crying. I was sad, but I don’t remember the reason why.

I called an advisor for help, someone who I regularly called when I felt mixed up. This person recommended I buy Letting Go and practice the technique in the book.

I ordered it that night and received the book in two days via Amazon.

I inhaled the work and felt weights being lifted off my shoulders. Reading David Hawkins powerful words truly unlocked the shackles I’d been living in.

I’m sure that’s how Miranda Kerr felt when she first read his work.

  1. Water with Lemon

Are you still with me, Empowered Lady? Another Harper’s Bazaar interview another Miranda Kerr tip ;). Now we’ve all heard water with lemon is good for us blah blah blah.

Yes, that was my reaction when about a year and a half ago when I found this interview. I thought oh, again with the lemon water? Thought it was just hippy-dippy stuff.

But.. it turns out the stuff works and works well. Thanks, Miranda!

In her Kora Organics blog Miranda wrote about her morning routine, here’s a snippet:

“I drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half an organic lemon each morning. Warm lemon water in the morning helps kick start the digestion process for the rest of the day. It’s also a morning ritual that cleanses the system, boosts your immune system and balances pH levels because lemons are very alkalizing. They are also abundant in vitamin C, which promotes healing and health.”

My experience with drinking water with lemon is positive as well. When I drink it, I have more energy and feel like it does kick start my digestive track.

For example, I do feel sluggish when I start my day with just coffee. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

  1. Daily Prayer

Miranda recently discussed marriage and motherhood in W Magazine. I scrolled through the interview eagerly to learn new tips and to see what Miranda is up to now!

She stated she prayers multiple times a day and liked prayers by Howard Wills. I figured if she enjoys David Hawkins then this guy Howard Wills might be worth checking out.

I went on his website shown here… and I fell in love with his prayers. I added them to my morning meditation. 25 minutes of pure meditation and at the end of read the prayers he’s written.

I find them grounding, peaceful and a gentle reminder to uplift all of life every day. Also to forgive people who’ve hurt us.

I couldn’t imagine meditation without his prayers now. Worth checking out Empowered Lady ☺

  1. There Are Women Out There Who Are Similar to Us..We Just Have to Find Each Other

The most important takeaway I’ve learn from Miranda Kerr is something Miranda did not say, but that I observed.

We meet a lot of people in life. We meet a lot of women in life. But how many of them do we have connections with? It can be a little lonely traveling through life, chatting briefly with people and then watching them disappear on their life paths, never to be seen again. Many people who come into our lives are just visiting after all.

Even though I don’t know Miranda Kerr personally, I feel that I relate to her. I feel that we are on the same level spiritually speaking. Recognizing that makes me feel a little less lonely. It gives me hope that there are more women like me out there, I just have to find them.

Do you ever feel like that, Empowered Lady?

Tell me below ☺