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You and another girl like the same guy. What should you do?

Inner Strength Training tip # 2: Understand your worth. Truly.

Set the scene:

You’re at work and have been eyeing the cutie who stops by every so often. You think the exchange in shy smiles and knowing glances is something special shared between you two.

Until one day you see your cutie making shy smiles at some other girl. Hold on.

Then, you watch your cutie hold a stare a bit too long with another girl.

You can’t unsee it! You’re not making it up. The moment did happen. And what you’re feeling is a punch in the stomach.

When you come to terms with what you saw even you feel like someone has given your heart a papercut.

A dull ache that you don’t want to feel anymore. Mixed with a tight stomach and flash-forwards of the two of them secretly enjoying dates and other little moments.


You might start to feel resentment toward the other girl. Don’t.

How will you make yourself pay for not being the “one” he chose? Will you compare yourself to her? Tear yourself down?

No. None of that today or ever again.

Because that’s the immature thing to do. And you’re not immature. You’re more beautiful then you realize. And strong too. You can make it through this. The dull ache is temporary.

You might think you don’t have the goods. How can you? After you were just passed up by the guy you had your heart set on.

Well, let me tell you. That girl and guy just did you a huge favor. Because he was never good enough for you. He’s not the one you are meant to be with and share special memories.

And I’m not just saying that. Right now, you’re feeling low.

You think I’m saying he’s not good enough for you.

But, when the emotional cloud passes on and you’re over him. You can look back and see that I was right. He wasn’t meant for you. And you’re too good for him.

Deep down be honest with yourself. Did he really have all the traits that made you weak in the knees? Or was it more like a pursuit from you rather than him?

“What’s my price tag?” Invaluable.

To truly know your worth is a mindset that takes time to grow into.  It literally takes years to pass and for you to get more life experience. To battle, fall down enough times, get scraped up by life. Until that last time, you get back up and say “Aw, hell no.”

One exercise you can do is to make a video of yourself talking about something you’re knowledgeable about. While you record the video, just speak about your topic of choice for about 20 minutes.

Lose yourself in the information. Don’t wonder how you look, or if you sound smart or awkward.

One thing: before you record the video ensure you feel good about yourself. I mean take a shower and if applying makeup and doing your hair makes you feel great then do it!

Play. Pause. Playback.

When you’ve finished, find a time when you’re ready and playback the video. Watch yourself to see how strong you look. You’ll discover traits, strengths, quirks that you never knew about yourself!

The girl in the video

Then, next time when someone tries to make you feel less than remember the girl in the video. What would she do? She doesn’t have to do much. She’s already got what it takes. She would be unbothered by anyone that tries to get under her skin.

The other girl isn’t your enemy. Neither is the guy.

If the guy has chosen the other girl. Remember, she isn’t public enemy number 1. As women, we’re past that. It’s better for us to have each other’s backs.

Even if the woman doesn’t like you, ensure that you protect yourself but be kind towards her anyway. You are an example of what women aspire to be. It’s a tough job.

Signs that a guy isn’t for you:

If a man does any of these things then it’s time to keep it moving:

    1. Looks away when you’re speaking to him. (this means he’s not engaged)
    2. Doesn’t approach you the way you should be approached (meaning you constantly have to seek him out to get a conversation started)
    3. Lack of excitement to see (Your guy should light up when he sees you)
    4. Not open to communication (As I’ve said before that’s important.)
    5. You feel that to relate to him you have to “loosen up” a bit. Not be quite yourself. So as not to scare him away by how intelligent you are. Aka you think the problem is you when it’s really a compatibility issue.
    As always. Don’t settle. You’re on the prowl for a beautiful life. And there is someone out there that is a damn perfect match. Build yourself a high net worth first. The rest will fall in place.

Tell me one situation that you found tough to walk away from?

When we get emotionally attached to someone and/or a fantasy it becomes hard to peel ourselves away. Rest easy! It can be done when you realize someone better is around the corner.