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One promising way to defeat that toxic work situation once and for all

Hey. You. That’s right the girl reading this.

I’ve got something to tell you. Negative vibes don’t have to ruin your day.

You know why they do? Because you give into them.

Keep reading.

Do you deal with steaming vibes at work? We already discussed why your co-workers send unfriendly signals to you via their energy.

Btw their energy directly corresponds with their thoughts and feelings.

But, now let’s discuss how you can stay outside of the fray when they come in for a power grab.

The sensing world vs. the real world

Have you ever notice that when you’re not speaking to another person, you find yourself taking in your environment through your senses?

Or, let me put it this way. When you’re not engaged with others what else are you doing? People watching? Observing others behavior? Feeling things out?

For example, if you see that your co-worker has dealt with an angry customer, you notice how they felt. Maybe a little down?

You don’t need her to tell you that for you to get it. You saw how the situation played out and can relate to him/her.

When you encounter someone who is envious of you or insecure about themselves, they may try to get the upper hand by dominating you with their energy first.

They can put out feelers to gauge your feelings. And best believe they KNOW how YOU ARE feeling.

It’s easy to smell fear, if someone is weak, submissive or on the other hand confident and assertive.

You’ve seen this action in motion when someone who is “stronger” picks on someone who they deem as “weaker” at work.

It’s a shame that it still happens even in the adult world, isn’t it?

Once their radar is locked on you and they accurately get a read on your emotional state then they proceed to pounce if you are weak. And if they are strong they will back down.

The key to leveling out the energy in your workplace is to appear strong. You not only need to BE strong. You need to really feel it so that they get it!

Your thoughts are that powerful. When you make the connection that the people who emit the negative energy at work are: insecure, sad, depressed, not getting what they want out of life or generally unhappy in some way then you can shift your energy/thoughts/understanding accordingly so.

As an inner-strength warrior, you handle this information with integrity, respect, grace, and responsibility.

The goal here is to help you become strong in yourself, and to make work a little less painful for you!

As always, do not use this information to put out negative energy towards anyone or be mean to anyone.

You have integrity and a great reputation. So, let’s keep it that way! And keep you flying higher.

Your secret to combat negativity: be so positive and confident that their energy reflects off of you and right back at them.

The only reason it affects you now is because

you care. 

Some little part of you deep down wants to connect with them.

So wrangle in any hidden dreams of you two becoming friends because once someone shows that they are jealous of you there really is no going back.

They won’t turn around and become a protective best friend.

You’ve seen their cards.

And I’ve said it before, no one has any power over you accept yourself.

You give your haters power over you when you care what they’re talking about. what they think of you, etc.

Hiding in plain sight:

Negativity doesn’t have to affect you. By really “feeling yourself”, loving yourself, being strong in yourself, realizing that any hater is insecure of the goods that you have?

That is when the negative vibes will boomerang off of you and right back at them. Silencing them. Leaving them hanging and wanting YOUR approval.

Have you tried this method when dealing with negativity at work? Share with me how it worked!